Optimised quality processes are the key to success

Whether automotive or manufacturing – we’ll advise and support you on all issues relating to quality processes. If required, our IT experts will support you throughout the entire life cycle of your individual specialist processes.

From specialist consulting to defining quality targets and technical implementation – we’ll be on hand with our expertise and detailed technical knowledge.

Key quality targets include reducing error rates, lowering warranty and goodwill costs and, above all, improving customer satisfaction. Our individual and standardised software solutions will assist you with quality assurance in all sections of your business – from (product) development, purchasing and sales to finance, ensuring that your products and services continue to meet the most exacting standards in future as well. This truism applies today more than ever: Quality is when the customer, not the product, comes back.

Quality processes play a key role in all areas of business. As a service provider, we naturally endeavour to meet these requirements and offer our clients a broad-based range of services for the different areas of their businesses.

Applied Technologies
  • SPSS Modeler
  • SAS
  • QlikView
  • Tableau
  • Oracle
  • SAP BI
Our Services in Detail
  • Analysis of available data beyond the confines of the process
  • Customer support in the concept development, definition and implementation of a company-wide standardised error coding language
  • Helpful support with problem management processes – from zero kilometres to problems in the field
  • Assistance in the IT management of technical campaigns or recall campaigns
  • Provision of tools for warranty cost control (overview, controllability and hedging of financial resources)
  • Creation and operation of a company platform for business analytics applications, which enables projects to be set up to identify irregularities and data mining in a wide range of business divisions


Thanks to its experience acquired over many years, Sulzer is a valued participant in expert workshops. As part of the BMW Innovation Circle, the company creatively tackled future challenges in quality management and – freed from day-to-day business – developed pioneering prototypes. The aim of this event was to develop novel and reliable early warning systems to help minimise risks, identify quality problems quickly and at an early stage, and deploy appropriate measures to solve them cost-effectively in the long term.

The knowledge and expertise thus gained enables us to identify the IT requirements of tomorrow and offer our clients future-proof solutions. From process analysis and optimisation to business intelligence and the optimisation of complex system architectures – our experts have an extensive range of methods to meet clients’ needs.

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