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Sulzer Academy - for the qualification of our employees

Training and further education are important to us. As a service provider, we are particularly dependent on our employees’ knowledge and skills. Continuous education and training ensures that our experts have the necessary skills for working with clients and offering them a good service. Our employees’ professional know-how and expertise combined with the knowledge of relevant trends sets our employees apart and gives us a competitive edge on the market. Familiarisation with new topics, technologies and methods is also a key element in the development of the individual and introduces variety to their work. It was with this objective in mind that the Sulzer Academy was launched in 2015. It bring together our wide-ranging training and further education programmes for employees. Regular employee surveys provide us with important stimulus and suggestions for the continuous expansion of the Sulzer Academy programme. Our training courses are run by internal speakers as well as by external training providers.

Compulsory training courses

  • Subjects include health and safety at work, information security and data protection to comply with statutory regulations

Standard training courses

  • All regular training courses (at least every 6 months)
  • Project-related and technical topics
  • Expansion of soft skills (communication, presentation etc.)
  • Language courses

Special training courses

  • Meet requirements over and above standard training courses
  • Training on, among other things, short-term client or project requirements

Agile training courses

  • They include agile methods and tools
  • Preparation for official examinations


  • Imparting of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the everyday work environment (on-the-job training: direct integration into the project) 

Trainee programme

  • In-depth training using a combination of theory and practical work in a particular specialist area

University programme

  • Supervision of final theses or dual studies
  • Support with specialist professional expertise
  • Supervisor to assist with finding a subject matter and completion of the dissertation/thesis

Sulzer in a Dialogue

  • Internal transfer of knowledge through practice-based presentations by employees for employees
  • Content: specialist, technical and company-related topics
  • Contact: Sulzer-im-Dialog(at)sulzer.de

Project management training courses

  • Training and continuous education in project management
  • Subjects: different methods and tools 

Young Executives Programme

  • Support for young executives and managers in the challenges associated with management roles 
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