Agility and cost-efficiency in software development

The development is generally the largest cost and time factor throughout the entire implementation period of a software project. Great pressure to make savings results due to this alone.

It is a simple matter to accelerate and reduce the cost of the development of every project at the cost of quality. However, the rude awakening that such an approach results in during the later phases of operation and maintenance, often comes too late and can often even cause subsequent projects to fail. Intelligent solutions are called for here to reduce costs without having to accept diminishing quality, or delayed delivery times. Development is Sulzer’s prime discipline!

We combine the best of both worlds with cost-efficient industrial software production and agile development. Since 2005, we have been successfully operating the Sulzer Support Factory, and the Sulzer Build-Factory since 2008. Now we have also added Offshoring to these success models.

In 2009, Sulzer formed the Sulzer Build-Factory, a very successful mid-sized alliance, complemented by the partners’ nearshore and offshore capacities. Size is not crucial, what matters is the speed, flexibility and ability to scale resources through powerful alliances. We therefore succeed at offering high quality and expertise at attractive prices, keeping our processes lean and cost-efficient.

Our Services in Detail

Our lean mid-sized structure enables us to optimise the classic approach in software development appropriate to the problem. Our many years of design-for-run experience, for example, sets up all relevant operating processes either at the design or build phase, guaranteeing a seamless transition into operation. Apart from excellent cost savings during the transition to operation, this also ensures a high level of acceptance by users by the immediate provision of well-versed support from the very first day of productive operation.

Our integrated approach also analyses critical components of the concept in relation to their completeness and operability, for instance the execution of CRUD operations for all master data, use cases of transaction data or the self-service capability of administrative use cases. We are regarded as a long-standing and reliable partner. The Sulzer IT-Factory allows our attractiveness in terms of price to increase even further.

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