Perfectly coordinated in terms of design, build and run

Software development is increasingly shifting from being ‘software manufacture’ that delivers individual solutions to individual problems, to becoming more of an ‘IT factory’. Individual problems can be solved with standardised methods and modules, as required, either individually or with standardised software.

Considering development alone – without taking the operating requirements and costs into account – is not ideal from an overall cost point of view either. Often one-off costs can be saved at the development stage, only then to need overcompensating for in the form of ongoing costs in operation.

An IT factory, which perfectly coordinates design (concept development), build (development) and run (operational management), offers a decisive benefit here. The Sulzer brand is synonymous with technical and professional expertise in the automotive sector and for its agile IT factory. We therefore succeed at offering high quality and expertise at attractive prices, keeping our processes lean and cost-efficient.


Our concepts (design) are geared to development (build). Our development is geared to stable and efficient operation (run). Experiences from operation are regularly incorporated in our new developments and enhancements to developments. Even if you only commission individual phases from the life cycle (e.g. build only), we will incorporate our expertise from the other phases of the life cycle to produce an integrated and sustainable IT system. This service approach is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We have been successfully operating the Sulzer Support Factory since 2005. We have also added Offshoring to this success model.

Our Services in Detail

Take advantage of high quality standards, an attractive cost structure, innovative approaches and our many years of IT and process experience:

  • Core competencies in best-of-breed
  • Close interplay of build and run
  • Emphasis on synergy effects
  • Design-for-run expertise, PIC processes for BUILD: “Operation-friendly” programming
  • Excellent professional knowledge and expertise
  • Availability on site and around the clock
  • Excellent effectiveness and efficiency
  • Lean organisation
  • Attractive pricing even for top experts
  • Costs and staff optimisation
  • Takeover and structuring of development clusters with maintenance work of any size
  • Implementation of software projects > 200 PD
  • Organisation of supplier consolidation

Our many years of design-for-run experience, for example, sets up all relevant operating processes either at the design or build phase, guaranteeing a seamless transition into operation. Apart from excellent cost savings during transition to operation, this also ensures a high level of acceptance by users by the immediate provision of well-versed support from the first day of productive operation.

Our integrated approach also analyses critical components of the concept in relation to their completeness and operability, for instance the execution of CRUD operations for all master data, use cases of transaction data or the self-service capability of administrative use cases.

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