Our clients expect high-quality services at competitive prices, tailored to international standards. Sulzer has therefore successfully further developed its business model to that effect in recent years so that we are now able to use flexible and global shoring models.

Our clients determine the dynamic proportion of onshore, nearshore and offshoring work in their projects and applications. We are able to look back on a decade of shoring expertise and, thanks to our proven procedures, we now guarantee high-quality and on-schedule shoring services. Sulzer ensures that professional and technological expertise is retained onshore even with nearshore and offshore delivery approaches.

We have held a 25 percent share in our offshore subsidiary Achala Solutions in India since January 2015. This measure underlines Sulzer’s offshore strategy and ensures continuity in shoring processes. We also place particular value on an people-oriented corporate approach with our offshore partners.


  • Intensive personal communication with offshore partners
  • Clearly delimited involvement
  • Full and detailed specification (essentially very detailed IT concept development) of offshore involvement (additional specification activities are directly planned by Sulzer)
  • Generally no cross-phase activities
  • Strict control (status calls, code reviews, continuous integration)
  • Consideration of the high share of control in the overall calculation
  • Selection of a similar corporate structure to our offshoring partners


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