Strategy Consulting

Recognising challenges and formulating solutions

Good advice is characterised by the fact that it recognises future challenges and is able to formulate implementation-ready solutions at an early stage. In-depth experience from the past and accurate definition of the current situation are indispensable prerequisites for this. The following therefore applies in strategic consulting: Finding the right way is a question of experience.

We are practice-based: We incorporate our cumulative experience and in-depth IT knowledge and expertise into client projects for the benefit of clients, at the same time as continuously accompanying and supporting our clients on their journey towards finding an individual solution.


According to current studies, projects often fail due to changed requirements. To overcome this problem, Sulzer offers independent quality assurance in the project. Based on popular models, it helps the project manager to define and implement all quality measures to guarantee successful completion of the project.


Sulzer develops and reviews internal control systems, which are adapted to clients’ needs and requirements. The aim is to make them as lean and efficient as possible. We place particular value on simplicity of design, implementation and handling of the internal control systems. This approach is based on the introduction of our ISAE 3402-compliant in-house control system and is also always used in client projects.

The benefits of internal control systems are many and varied: The control points and their test processes can be individually defined to achieve clarity, transparency and security where it is also actually needed. During our strategic consulting process, we provide significant support in the drafting, design, development, review, optimisation and streamlining of management and internal control systems.

Recently we successfully employed our expertise in strategic consulting and project experience at the Executive Board level with a reputable automotive manufacturer. A review of the existing IT internal control systems led to an approx. 40% reduction in checking work.

Thanks to Initiates file downloadISO 9001:2015 and the continuous improvement process enshrined in it, we also have the necessary experience to conduct continuous reviews of our own (quality) processes. We also assist clients with the introduction of ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. 

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