User Experience

Creating positive user experiences

It is imperative to take into consideration a wealth of requirements when developing individual software. Budgets and schedules have to be met and guidelines relating to architecture and operation complied with. However, the acceptance of the end product largely depends on another criterion that is often neglected: the user experience. A positive user experience is a prerequisite for satisfied users. This means much more than simply sprucing up user interfaces.

By contrast, we have to understand the professional requirements and consider psychological aspects, such as the users’ cognitive skills and their limits. Apart from anything else, this requires the courage to break with old patterns of thought and habits. However, the reward is not just satisfied, ideally happy users, but also improved efficiency and reduced support work. Included at an early stage in the processes, the design of the user experience helps to avoid complex subsequent improvements and can therefore even lower the overall cost of an IT project.


We will advise and support you in implementing requirement-based and intuitive IT solutions and will reliably be at your side even when faced with complex problems. We are very conversant with the design of tailor-made user interfaces using the latest technologies, such as Java FX, Microsoft.net or Apple iOS. Agile process models, including SCRUM, and modern graphics frameworks such as Microsoft WPF 4 are used for this.

We determine the optimum interface design for the application, from a professional and technical point of view, working closely with the client. Key stages involve the selection of the technology to be used and coordination of the access structure , taking into account the TCO aspect.

Intensive and thorough consultation with the client is indispensable when implementing the use cases: At this stage it is essential to clearly define and take into account the target group, type and manner of use, as well as the skills level of users, to subsequently obtain a good level of acceptance of the final product by users.

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