Hypercare Support

Professional support from go-live to regular operations

Company-wide go-lives of complex IT projects often pose a number of risks that must be recognised and minimised. There is no second chance for a first impression. Intensive support of users from the start and supervision of the application during the stabilisation phase is crucial for acceptance by users and the success of the go-live. End-to-end support of the application from its go-live to its transfer to regular operations is therefore of the utmost importance.

This is precisely where the professional hypercare support provided by Sulzer comes in: We establish support teams with extremely short ramp-up phases, which deliver noticeably efficient support with minimal run-in times. Experienced service managers coordinate the support, both during and after the go-live. As the central link between the project and support organisations, we therefore help to ensure a successful hypercare phase and thus provide life insurance for the go-live.

Sulzer regards professional hypercare support as being far more than the short-term provision of professional support resources. We not only support the existing support organisation during the initial months after the go-live. Our concept includes accompanying the introduction or launch of the system out of the project phases and finally ends with the successful transition of the application into regular operations. We thereby take the pressure off an already strained resource situation, both within the project as well as within the support organisation.

During the project itself, we are involved with the introductory concept and actively provide support during testing of the final test phases in the application. We train users, key users, 1st level and also 2nd level support providers. We also provide support to the startup manager when setting up a viable support structure for the hypercare phase and, thanks to our innovative live-monitoring tools, retain an overview of the current ticket situation. In doing this, we are able to provide crucial added value to the stabilisation phase.

Sulzer additionally offers the Sulzer Support Factory especially to automotive clients - a comprehensive support model specifically geared to the requirements and needs of the automotive industry.

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