Test Factory

Professionalism and transparency throughout all test phases

The Sulzer Test Factory enables us to offer our clients a successfully proven test centre, which is specifically adapted to the needs of the automotive industry. Proven and established procedures are implemented in line with the clearly defined Sulzer Test Process. They enable us to efficiently provide test activities via the Sulzer Test Centre. The Test Centre provides all services relating to software testing.

Sulzer always attaches value to maximum professionalism and transparency at all service levels in the Sulzer Test Factory: from established requirements management and professionally tracked implementation to transparent monitoring and end-to-end reporting. Alongside test management, analysis, design and implementation, we therefore also include test automation at an early stage in the progress of the test project.

The Sulzer Test Factory also offers added value to clients, owing to its fast scalability and short response times with ad-hoc queries. Even additional nearshore and Offshore test resources can be integrated with ease at the client’s request: Our Sulzer X-shoring concept ensures the seamless transfer of test activities to nearshore/offshore test resources for this purpose under the direction of onshore test managers.

In practice we look after the basic connectivity of internet-based vehicle services, end-to-end insurance along the entire vehicle process chain (from purchasing to sales) through to traditional system integration tests of all kinds.

Benefits of the Sulzer Test Factory at a glance
  • Proven and established practices
  • Experience and professionalism in testing
  • Adaptive test strategies
  • Transparent monitoring and comprehensive reporting
  • Rapid scalability and short response times with ad-hoc queries
  • Automated tests based on a cost-benefit analysis
  • Sulzer Test Toolbox
  • Most Critical Items process
  • Relief for key users
  • Nearshoring and Offshoring strategies (Sulzer X-shoring concept)
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