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Sulzer Test Services: Secure your processes

The complexity of IT solutions is continuously rising both in vehicles as well as in process-supporting systems. The reasons for this are many and varied – whether due to the growing number of interacting systems, the increasing functional density of the individual systems, or faster innovation cycles with correspondingly shorter release intervals.

For some time, vehicle services with high criticality, such as vehicle emergency services, have also included IT systems. Correspondingly, guaranteeing non-functional requirements, such as permanent availability, is also of paramount importance.


The aim of Sulzer’s Test Services is always to guarantee vehicle-related processes or IT system-based business processes. Experienced test managers ensure the process-orientated direction of testing throughout all test stages – from the component test to the system integration test.

The very start of the development process is marked by testing at the individual component level. Predominantly tool-supported sub-functions are either tested at the API level or are UI-based tested. The frequent repetition of tests throughout the development process and thus also the early identification of side effects is ensured by the targeted use of automated testing tools (often integrated in continuous integration infrastructures).

As soon as individual functional as well as non-functional requirements can be utilised, parallel tests are then conducted from a user’s perspective. This enables us to cover all phases – from sub-processes to process chains and complete end-to-end business processes across all the relevant systems. Often manual tests are initially used, which are then automated in the event that they are also relevant for regression testing.

Load, performance and penetration tests complete the range of services offered by Sulzer Test Services to ultimately ensure non-functional requirements, such as reliability and efficiency.

Implementation and testing are often separately provided services. With the implementation service provider guaranteeing the quality of delivery with development-related testing and the test service provider ensures this from a client’s perspective. As a full-service provider, we offer comprehensive process knowledge and expertise in the automotive sector, as well as in-depth experience in the implementation and operation of IT solutions, in addition to our many years of expertise.

Our Services in Detail
  • Evaluation and optimisation of test policies and strategy
  • Consulting and support through all phases of the test process
  • Successful planning, implementation and control of all sizes of test projects
  • Production of test concepts
  • Integration of the Sulzer Test Factory
Unique features of the Sulzer Test Services
  • Experienced test managers support with the precise selection of the test services
  • Adaptive test strategies based on the proven Sulzer Test Process
  • Professionalism and transparency throughout all test phases through continuous monitoring and reporting
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