Big Data

Escape from the data jungle

The volume of data collected in our environment is growing rapidly – whether vehicle sensors, smartphones, social networks, online applications or the Internet of Things. Companies are increasingly networking and analysing this diversity of data using big data solutions to visualise the relationships and patterns.

They provide important insights and form the basis for business decisions about processes and product optimisation, analysing business risks, creating new client services or reducing scattering losses through a more targeted approach to clients by advertising.

Traditional technologies do not meet these requirements as they are too slow and too expensive. New improved techniques and the use of MapReduce algorithms permit scalable processing and create more efficient systems in business, together with In-Memory technologies or combined with traditional technologies. Make your business future-proof – our employees are ready to help you.

Our Service Offerings in Detail
  • Joint review of the use of Big Data Technologies based on the current and future requirements of your business
  • Selection of the appropriate technologies and tools to create tailored solutions, or reference architectures
  • Creation of concepts and the set-up of big data technologies, tools and architectures
  • Data management in the systems used
  • Consulting and development with big data analytics tasks (including individual developments and complete solutions based on open-source and closed-source software)
  • Consulting and development with in-memory technologies used with big data systems (open-source and closed-source solutions)
  • Operation and maintenance of applications and infrastructures
  • Many other competencies help with the implementation of big data projects in a wide variety of contexts

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