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Systematic data analysis in the age of digitalisation

Knowledge is power! In the information age, this expression is more important than ever as a success factor for companies. However, only the targeted conversion of information into usable knowledge and ultimately derivation of short, medium, and long-term strategies from it provides companies with crucial competitive advantages.

This is why it is imperative for companies to use appropriate software and IT systems, which enable systematic analysis – in other words: Collection, analysis and presentation – of data in electronic form. Business intelligence tools, specialising in the collection and processing of data, as well as business analytics tools are used for this. The Sulzer portfolio naturally includes the most common tools used with both methods.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is understood as being the systematic analysis of a company’s entire data with the aim of generating new knowledge from existing knowledge. Knowledge thus gained helps businesses to make new strategic and operational decisions. Our service portfolio ranges from consulting and concept development to the maintenance and operation of IT systems.

We can support you with the collection and analysis of data and also define with you the best software for your business. We also ensure your IT system is working effectively and efficiently. Sulzer also offers a wide range of fixed-priced BI services.

Our competence in BI standard software is broad-based. We always act and provide advice independent of the product, relying on a high level of product expertise on the part of our employees.  Your requirements always have priority and, depending on your needs, we also work with different manufacturers or technologies on each project. We uphold partnerships with SAP, Oracle and IBM, among others, through regular exchanges with product managers, partner managers and architects.

We are in a position to service individual client requirements: We have already designed highly individual and interactive cockpits, sometimes HTML5-based, and have developed in-house In-Memory solutions to meet specific requirements in many projects.

We maintain our employees’ IT knowledge at the state of the art through specific training sessions to deliver the best possible advice and support. This includes SAP BO, SAP BW, SPSS Modeler, QlikViewOracle, Informatica, CognosTableau and many more. We offer employees an internal training environment for most products to intensify what they have learned and actively share knowledge within the company.

Business Analytics

The use of modern business analytics tools provides companies with the ability to derive automated conclusions from past information for the future and develop strategies from this. The source of this is the “bulk" information that already exists in companies’ databases.

This information is recorded, verified and made available, as required, through the use of data mining tools, including IBM SPSS, SAS. Special visualisation tools, such as BusinessObjects Crystal Reports or Cognos, are often used to visualise the results alongside data mining tools. The new In-Memory solutions, including QlikViewtypo3/#_msocom_1Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, Pentahoo or Tableau, cannot fail to impress with their enormous processing speed – even with very large volumes of data. Even unstructured data can be easily integrated, interpreted and taken into account in the processing process by certain tools. Management dashboards are a traditional output of visualisation tools, which can be used to clearly and quickly display complex interrelationships.

Business analytics tools therefore provide automotive clients with key findings on customer satisfaction (fewer repeat visits to workshops), predictive maintenance (preventative maintenance) or factory quality (analysis of the causes of errors in the manufacturing process). Together with our clients we develop ideas for the use of business analytics and also implement them in joint projects. The standard data mining process Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) is generally used for this.

Applied Analytics Tools

We include the following products, inter alia, in our daily project work:

  • IBM SPSS Suite
    - IBM SPSS Modeler Professional
    - IBM SPSS Modeler
    - IBM SPSS DM6 (Decision Management)
    - IBM SPSS C&DS (Collaboration and Deployment Services)
    - IBM SPSS Data Collection
  • SAS Analytics
  • „R“
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