Electronic Data Interchange


Our experts advise and support customers in all electronic data interchange (EDI) processes as well as SAP SD. With us you get EDI and SAP from one source. In addition to profound expertise in the current EDI standards, our experts have extensive experience in the development of individual special solutions.

The central quality objectives of the Sulzer EDI team are to reduce error rates and increase customer satisfaction. With our standardised and individual EDI solutions, we support you in all areas of the company so that your products and services will continue to meet the highest standards in the future. Sulzer has deep process know-how in the common EDI business processes:

Our experts have many years of experience in managing and implementing a wide range of EDI projects. This expertise is being continuously expanded through consistent further training in the latest technologies. This is the only way we can offer broadly diversified IT solutions in the EDI segment that best meet customer requirements.

Our Service Offerings in Detail
  • Comprehensive support, consulting, planning and implementation
  • Roll-outs
  • Profound expertise in the area of EDI interfaces and connection via Web-EDI, OFTP1, OFTP2, OFTP2, FTPS, AS2 and X400
  • Onboarding of new suppliers to the customer's EDI system, ensuring the ability to communicate in the daily delivery and ordering process
  • Creation of questionnaire templates for suppliers, documentation and maintenance of company- and project-specific data sets
  • Suppliers support via hotline or e-mail on the subject of "Electronic Data Interchange".
  • Operation and maintenance of SAP and EDI interfaces
  • EDIFACT and VDA workshops
  • Mapping and guideline creation (EDIFACT, VDA, ANSI X. 12, idoc, xml etc.)
  • Hotline: 1st, 2nd and 3rd-level support 
  • EDI project management
  • Quality assurance
Applied Technologies
  • SAP SD
  • Power Shell
  • Web-EDI SupplyON
  • GEFEG.fx
  • Compello EDI Mapper/Converter
  • Lobster-Data
  • Axway BOM / TSIM
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