Shared Services

Adaptable support solutions for your business

It is essential for clients in the automotive industry to marry the modern requirements of operating performance and quality in standard operation with the necessary flexibility. Adaptable support solutions are called for, which can only be implemented within a specific operating structure, in which centralised and distributed support units are ideally connected in 2nd level support.

This requires an operating control structure, which can be universally extended and promptly used for new priorities. Only by doing so can companies quickly and promptly respond to changes and new requirements during operation – at the same time recognising and using synergies better.

This is precisely where Shared Services come into their own as an integral component of the Sulzer support organisation for automotive clients. Integrated in the Support Factory, they enable process-independent and cross-process support in operation, SAP Basis ServicesOffshore coordination as well as the supervision and maintenance of platform and infrastructure solutions.

The central task of Shared Services lies in the consolidation and centralisation of service processes within a company. To this end, similar processes from different sections are combined, consolidated and henceforth provided by one of more central entities. This point is generally designated as a Shared Service Centre (SSC). It consists of a highly qualified support unit geared to communication with clients, classifying incidents and the quick solution of "low" incidents. Additional support is provided inter alia for problem, change and event management, as well as request fulfilment and reporting services.

In addition, the so-called Business Intelligence Infrastructure Team within Shared Services provides crucial cross-process support for concept development, consulting, design, architecture, analysis, development, maintenance and sample solution construction. Our Shared Services therefore have important interfaces to Data Warehouses and ETLIT-Infrastructures and Big Data.

The main principles of Shared Services
  • Attractive prices
  • Price/cost transparency
  • Short latency times (waiting times, focus, overhang, post-control)
  • Flexible scalability of all kinds of services
  • Flexibility both in terms of technology and specialist processes
  • Entrepreneurial action (management)
  • Customer focus (excellent service quality)
  • Benchmarking (continuous improvement process)
  • Process orientation and standardisation
  • Process monitoring
Applied technologies and processes
  • QlikView
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Unix / Linux
  • Windows
  • SAP
  • Host / Mainframe
  • Powershell
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • C#
  • ITIL v3
  • ITPM
  • Scrum
  • Sample solution construction
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