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Technology for the Future

Java is the programming language most frequently used by Sulzer in individual projects. Our focus is not just on the Java language alone, but on the whole Java platform, the virtual machine and the wealth of Java libraries.

We have been using Java since 1997. We were one of the first IT service providers in Germany to develop productive software systems with Java:  For example Java applets as a front-end technology in Intranet and Internet applications, combined with Java on the server to map business processes and connect data to backend systems. The Java platform is virtually indispensable today for modern applications based on the HTML5 frontend in the Internet or Intranet and it will continue to accompany us in the future.

Java has been extensively modernised and expanded with powerful functional properties in Java 8. We have already employed it in selected projects, along with modern dynamic languages like Scala, Clojure, Groovy or Ruby. These all use the Java platform as well. We have expanded the use of Java to all fields of application and have also created powerful and efficient libraries and standard modules.

The Sulzer Rule Interpreter the core component of countless configurators. VDML represents a modern tool for the efficient maintenance and dynamic testing of complex product data used in many projects.With graphic  balancing of the assembly line we have shown what innovative planning systems can look like. Sulzer was presented with an innovation award for this at the BMW Suppliers Day.

Java First Class Objects (JFCO), our unique new modular system for the creation of parallel, agile systems, represents the heart of graphic balancing of the assembly line. We demonstrated its enormous performance in the proof of concept to calculate the parts needs of the future. This combines extreme computing speed with maximum storage efficiency. It thus goes beyond productive systems by several orders of magnitude and its smart White Dwarf technology, developed on the basis of JFCO, enables even the most complex result queries to be answered at warp speed.

Our Services in Detail

We are your partner if you wish to successfully configure complex individual projects on the Java platform. We are happy to assist you with the migration of legacy systems to a Java future and we can fully support you if you are interested in considering pilot projects with brand new technologies.

Our Product Range at a Glance

Over the years we have developed extensive and powerful software components mainly for use in the automotive industry. Due to their many years of productive use, they have an exceptionally high degree of maturity and stability, delivering extra development speed and quality for our clients. Of particular note are the Standard Rule Interpreter (STANDRI), VDML and JFCO products, which we also offer as part of a company, or project license.

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