A programming language for your business

.NET is a programming language increasingly used by Sulzer in individual projects. Recently we have impressively proved that we can produce sophisticated solutions in a very short time with .NET.

We have been using .NET in client projects for some years now. This technology has considerably grown in importance at Sulzer since the end of 2009: As one of Germany’s first software companies, we developed a vehicle configurator for the MINI brand for clients to use in dealerships, which was based on the latest multi-touch technology using Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) on Windows 7.

We succeeded in completing this highlight, based on beta versions, in under four months to the complete satisfaction of our client.


We are your partner if you wish to successfully configure complex individual projects on the .NET platform. We are able to assist with the concept development and implementation of modern complete solutions – from interfaces to the backend. Naturally, we can also offer support and advise on the agile implementation of pilot projects incorporating the latest technologies.

Applications of .NET

The versatility of the .NET programming language opens up a wealth of applications to companies, which is why we also use it in diverse environments in client projects:

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): A platform for the implementation of a service-orientated architecture (SOA) to support distributed SOAP or REST web service-based applications
  • Active Server Pages .NET(ASP.NET): Web framework for creating dynamic web pages, applications and services
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): Framework for creating user interfaces and for integrating multimedia components and animations
  • SharePoint: Web applications for, among other things, project, (web) content and document management, social network, Intranet and Extranet
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