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Durable and powerful web applications

The Internet and Intranet have grown to become a generally usable and accepted platform for the provision of services of all levels of complexity – from small applications for the publication of a phone list on the Intranet to complex transaction-driven and cross-company B2B systems.

The benefits of web-based applications is that there is no need to install and manage applications at users’ workplaces/PCs – all that’s needed is a web browser. To date, this has been associated with less convenience and sluggish operability. However, rich client concepts and AJAX technologies enable almost identical application interactivity within a web browser.

Since 1994, Sulzer has been one of the leading IT service providers when it comes to creating durable and powerful web applications to meet client requirements. Our expertise has grown continuously with the development of web technologies. As a result, we have a broad base of our own web frameworks, many available frameworks already established on the market and frameworks developed by our clients.

We are therefore leaders in the implementation of web solutions which are state of the art, have complex dynamic pages and stylishly permit user interaction.

Our Services in Detail

We can support you in executing your projects throughout the entire life cycle. We do this first and foremost by understanding professional concept development, IT-technical design and implementation. We place particular value on the User Experience, which explains why we provide feedback loops for the ergonomic optimisation of user interfaces. We test the application on all platforms, configure startup jointly with you and are your responsible partner for operation and maintenance.

Applied Technologies

Our frameworks are based on established industry standards including:

  • JEE
  • JSF (z. B. Prime Faces)
  • JavaFX
  • RAP
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • REST Services
  • AngularJS
  • ExtJS
  • AJAX
  • .NET
  • jQuery and many more
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