Responsive Web Design

Optimised websites for your terminal devices

The development from local PCs to mobile devices has changed surfing habits online – and, associated with this, fundamentally changed the demands placed on websites. Innumerable display sizes, devices, browsers and individual settings mean that the traditional, essentially static web design faced virtually insoluble challenges. Today websites must meet very disparate requirements. Web applications are now planned, designed and technically implemented differently than in the past.

Our approach to solving this problem: Responsive web design. With responsive web design, only a single version of the website is produced. This then adapts independently and flexibly to the available environment. This is particularly visible with the layout which alters according to the width of the browser window, but the arrangement and presentation of individual elements, such as navigation, text, tables and diagrams, and the use of different input methods, including mouse or touchscreen also adapt automatically.

Sulzer supports and assists clients with its many years of knowledge and profound expertise throughout the entire responsive web design workflow. Modern web standards form the technical basis of our solutions. We don’t work in an ivory tower, but rather translate theoretical knowledge specifically into practical operational systems.

Applied Technologies

Below is an initial selection of technologies currently being used on client projects:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS, ExtJS
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