Rich Internet Application

Using the wide and varied functions

The demands on contemporary internet applications are exacting: They have to offer a wide range of interactions with their user interface. Rich Internet applications, in particular, which run in web browsers but can also be used as desktop applications, have strong similarities to dynamic desktop applications and are a world apart from traditional static websites.

Rich Internet applications (RIA) enable a wealth of user-friendly functions, such as Drag and drop, 3D effects and animations, to be used with ease, and also support various video formats and other media.

Rich Internet applications stand out on account of two central distinguishing features: Firstly they offer a user interface rich in interaction options, and secondly they communicate on the Internet. We develop made-to-measure RIAs for our clients, which can be perfectly integrated into existing IT architectures and, at the same time, meet clients’ specific needs and requirements. Our many years of experience in the development and operation of RIAs is profitably used here in a targeted manner.

We also have in-depth experience in the development of single page web applications (SPAs), which offer further benefits, such as reduced client-server communication and offline support.

Applied Technologies

We rely on the implementation of presentation logic in the browser when producing RIAs. Our solutions are based inter alia on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, but our portfolio also includes server-based solutions.


  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • ExtJS


  • Extended JSF implementation (e.g. PrimeFaces)
  • JavaFX
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Vaadin
  • RAP


  • Silverlight (Microsoft)
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