Success Story

Cyber Security powered by BI

Effective monitoring and improvement of IT security using security performance indicators


At a time when cyber threats and system efficiency are at the forefront of business priorities, IT security and performance monitoring are critical to an organization’s success. IT decision makers and CTOs face the challenge of implementing the right tools and strategies to combat these threats while optimizing system performance.

This case study highlights how Sulzer helped a leading player in the automotive industry to implement a centralized solution for monitoring and assessing its IT security.

Project details

OEM in the automotive sector
Project type
Determination and presentation of security performance indicators
Agile approach for rapid problem resolution
Creation of a proof of concept for early feedback on the look and feel of the application
Expert advice on BI tools based on years of experience
Immediate visualization options
Uniform display of indicators
Faster access times compared to previous solutions
A future-proof platform

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Daniel Mestrovic
Head of Delivery Unit Data Intelligence
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Daniel Mestrovic
Head of Delivery Unit Data Intelligence