Optimising Manufacturing through smarter Processes

Industry 4.0 is converging AI, Cloud, Analytics, ML, Edge Computing, and a deluge of IoT data to empower manufacturing & logistics. It’s complex, but we have you covered.

Industry 1

Industry 1.0


Mechanization, steam power, weaving loom.
Industry 2

Industry 2.0


Mass production, assembly line, electrical energy.
Industry 3

Industry 3.0


Automation, computers and electronics.
Industry 4

Industry 4.0


Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things, & networks.

Industry 4.0 Opportunities

Industry 4.0 promises higher productivity, efficiency, and profitability by intelligently connecting and monitoring devices, machines, and workers—sending invaluable data streams to decision makers in real-time.

Are you reaping the rewards of Industry 4.0 driven processes?

38 $
Additional value creation potential in the automotive and engineering industries by 2025 through Industry 4.0.
30 %
Potential increase in productivity by first wave of IIoT adopters and drop in maintenance costs.
Return on Investment (ROI) due to sizable inventory reduction and increase in productivity.

Technologies Transforming Manufacturing

Sulzer is bringing the visions of Industry 4.0—everything connected and everything as a real-time data source—to it’s customers.

By creating adaptable processes within Smart Factory we can help you maximize production throughput, create a smarter workforce, and vastly improve the economics of your business. Here are the building blocks we can help you integrate with your manufacturing processes & workflows.

Autonomous Robots
Robots and machines will safely interact with each other and with human workers in due course.
Digital Twins
Replicating the real world in a digital form for further optimization and testing.
System Integration
Integrate every system and data source within an Industry 4.0 environment.
Every device and machine will become an intelligent data source, from the center to the edge of business.
ID management together with secure connectivity and data streaming will enable reliable enterprise data fabrics.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing & data storage will be trusted as response times and cybersecurity advance for cross-boundary data sharing.
Additive Manufacturing
Introduce devices such as 3D printing for faster and cheaper prototyping and testing.
Smart Wearables
Wearables will improve production processes and safeguard workers from accidents.
Big Data
Centrally connect people, devices and machines for big data analytics.

Building a Smarter Factory

The benefits of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are compelling. Let Sulzer help guide your journey.

Systems Integration

The average factory generates 1 Terabyte of data per day but evaluates less than 1%. Sulzer integrates all industry 4.0 data with enterprise ERP, BI, CRM, and Ticketing Systems to maximize usage and value, end-to-end.

Big Data & Analytics

The true value of data is reached when made accessible in its entirety for evaluation from anywhere in the enterprise. Sulzer combines data from production machines, enterprise systems, and supply chains and embeds it within the analytics process to create actionable insights.

AI – IIoT & Edge Computing

IIoT and AI are a perfect fit: they both need compute-intensive technology to perform from the DC to the edge. Sulzer efficiently integrates AI, IIoT, & edge computing with manufacturing processes to derive the high quality operational insights.

Cyber & Data Decurity

Industry 4.0 delivers undeniable value but it brings with it a hoard of new cybersecurity threats. Sulzer protects industrial systems, communications, and IIoT devices from potential cyber attacks, for secure and reliable operations.

Minimize operational downtime

Using AI, NLP, and ML, our solutions tap into vast quantities of unstructured data to intelligently manage performance and fault alarms. We predict bottlenecks, potential faults, and performance inefficiencies.

Sulzer powered Incident Management Solutions for Industry 4.0 reduce planned an unplanned downtime — always getting better.

Performance & Fault Monitoring

Incident Detection
Automatic tagging and Incident ticket generation.
Incident Reporting
Diagnostics, ticket clustering, and routing.
Technical Benefits
Reduced mean-time-to- resolution (MTTR).
Faster root-cause analysis.
Accurate predictive maintenance and repair scheduling.
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Business Benefits
Better visibility of performance & efficiency.
Lower maintenance & repair costs.
Increased productivity & profitability.
Incident Management
Root-cause analysis, semantic examination, and resolution proposal.
Incident Resolution
Resolution implementation, testing, and automatic ticket closure.

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