The Future of Mobility is here and it’s Data Driven

Sulzer helped computerize German automotive in the era of Industry 3.0. Now we are making the vision of Seamless Integrated Mobility a reality in Industry 4.0.

Reimagining human transport

Spurred on by the promises of greater safety, connected travel, zero emissions, and highly integrated mobility systems, car manufacturers are embracing a myriad of new technologies to lead the charge—creating lucrative opportunities for tech-companies to reimagine the concept of human transport.

And, like in any era of hyper-accelerated innovation, those who move fast and lead the way define the opportunities. Are you leveraging the most advanced technologies and business process innovation to be successful, in the era of data driven mobility?

Autonomous Driving
of global vehicle sales attributed to autonomous vehicles by 2030.
connected cars by 2023.
of new cars sold by 2030 must be electric.
Shared Mobility
more people will use shared cars by 2025.

Sulzer is the Benchmark for IT Experience in German Automotive

Proven Experience—since 1978 we’ve securely connected automotive’s vital data with it’s decision makers. First by computer, then by network, and today by the datafication of everything. From enterprise systems, to machines on the production floor, and now to vehicles, drivers, passengers, and surrounding infrastructure, we innovate toward an All-IP mobile future. We have the proven IT and business experience to make the vision of Mobility Service Providers and Seamless Integrated Mobility ecosystems a reality.

5th Decade of Experience

Sulzer mobility expertise
IT expertise in automotive is deeply rooted in our DNA, and it will continue as we pioneer integrated mobility systems. We have already extended our knowledge and our partner ecosystem to make technologies such as AI, IIoT, Telematics, Cloud and Blockchain perform to their full potential within our mobility solutions.
Quality Management Mobility
Public & Long Distance Transport
Mobility Services
Mobility Platforms
Mobility & Insurance / InsureTec
Data-driven Mobility
Multimodal, Intermodal
Micro Mobility
Sustainable Mobility
Shared Mobility

Enriched mobility experiences

On-demand transport
Seamless end-to-end journeys
Last mile solutions
Shared mobility
Monthly subscription
Lower congestion
Drone delivery
Personalized experience

Sulzer Mobility Service Platforms

Ordering a shared mobility service must be straight forward and a simple experience to succees. Sulzer is helping its customers build centralized Mobility Service Platforms that are just that!

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