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In a rapidly changing world, agile project implementation is the key to success. Have your projects already become agile? And does the agility you are practising match your goals and your organization? Our certified experts will guide you through the process of agile transformation towards an agile project organization to make your company and your project landscape more flexible, responsive, innovative and effective.

Discover how agility can revolutionize your company.

Why an agile transition can be useful?

There are still countless projects that miss their target completely, largely or to a large extent. This is often because the objectives change over the course of the project. This makes it all the more economically necessary to set up the project landscape in an agile way.

Agility is more than a method – it’s a culture. Discover how our certified consultants in agile frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, LeSS and Design Thinking can transform your business.

Our experienced Agile consultants and coaches are your key to success in ongoing projects. They not only bring in-depth Agile knowledge, but also provide your team with practical support during implementation.
Our experts work hand in hand with your teams to effectively integrate Agile principles and achieve continuous improvement. Our teams set up structures and processes that work and are tried and tested. They provide tailored support and practical workshops to promote agile mindsets and achieve tangible results.
With our expert support, you are ideally equipped to successfully master the challenges of agile projects and drive your agile transformation forward in the long term.
Agile Excellence
Why Sulzer?
Down-to-earth and close to reality
We don’t preach dogmas and blindly push them through, but take our time and work with your company to find the best way to implement things.
Experience and expertise
Decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of agile methods set us apart.
Certified experts
Our team of certified Agile consultants ensures the latest knowledge and best practices. Our coaches are certified in Scrum, SAFe and OKR, for example, and are proficient in Deisgn Thinking and many other agile methods.
Sustainable change
We strive for long-term, sustainable results that transform your corporate culture.
Future proof
With Sulzer, you are choosing a partner who is committed to creating an agile, future-proof organization.

Agile transformation, workshops and training

Take part in our customized workshops and training courses to directly benefit from the effectiveness and efficiency of agile methods. Our experts offer interactive learning opportunities suitable for both Agile newcomers and experienced practitioners. Expand your understanding and skills in the agile way of working and use the results directly in your projects.

Agile health check and assessment tools

Use our specialized diagnostic and assessment tools to determine the current state of your Agile maturity. These tools will help you identify strengths and areas for improvement and develop a clear roadmap for your Agile transformation.

Agile support in your projects

At Sulzer, we believe in simplicity and effectiveness. Our experienced coaches and consultants are here to make your project a success with proven, agile methods. No hocus-pocus, no empty promises – just customized solutions that fit your business perfectly.

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Latest news from the agile sector

Our knowledge center offers a wealth of resources, articles and studies on agile transformation. Stay informed and expand your knowledge of the latest trends and techniques in the field of agility.


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Christian Maleike
Agile Coach and OKR Master
Markus Köster
Head of Delivery Unit Projectmanagement & Agile