Adopting game-changing technology faster

Sulzer technology expertise is about helping you quickly overcome major IT challenges when embracing cutting-edge technology while merging it with legacy business critical systems.

Overcoming major IT challenges quickly

The pace of technology advancement is blistering, and by not keeping up can erode your competitive advantage. We help our clients stay ahead of change through expert technology trends advice, in-depth IT implementation skills, and comprehensive IT solution life-cycle services.

Here are some examples of how we can help you…

Leverage agile practices

A combination of lean structures and focus on agile development practices allows us to make modern technology work for you without delay. We pride ourselves on delivering impactful solutions faster than our competitors.

Provide solution lifecycle services

Great solutions live in different timescales as the supporting IT infrastructure. Like many customers, you can engage our life-cycle services to build and run IT solutions through multiple refresh cycles cost-effectively

Connect old & new

Integrating legacy & disparate systems with modern technology is an endless challenge for techies and c-level executives. Our decades of experience in merging systems and datasets will remove silos & connect what matters.

Bridge the (IT) talent gap

The talent gap in IT is a constant. Our technology experts are there to bridge any emerging gaps associated with implementing cutting-edge technology. We bridge the gaps so you don’t need to slow down.

Foster innovation

Innovation is about having the courage to imagine something different. Our technology experts can help you reimagine your digital transformation with innovative solutions built on IoT, AI, ML, Analytics, and BI technologies to get you there.

Prioritize data protection & security

Worries about data security, GDPR issues, or the latest cybersecurity threats often hinder new technology adoption. Our security experts will help you identify the most suitable data safety standards for regulation, and set the right security levels on all your data, wherever it’s stored.

Expertise that integrates end-to-end

Creative solutions stem from connecting what already exists to something new and building something better. Our technologists are proven experts at suggesting ways to integrate technologies seamlessly, to build solutions where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Data Warehouse
Data Intelligence
IT Architecture
IT - Security
Operational Applications
Big Data
Managing data securely
Production optimization
Marketing & Sales
Efficiency at scale
Connectivity & Services

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