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Challenges and opportunities

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, automotive and engineering, companies are constantly facing new challenges. At Sulzer, we specialize in empowering companies in these industries to stay ahead through data-centric strategies and technologies.

Digitalization and data-driven decision making are continuously changing the way we work in production and logistics. At Sulzer, we help companies navigate this changing IT landscape. By providing practical tools and expert advice, we help them to effectively leverage the opportunities of digitalization and succeed in today’s world. Use the power of data to optimize your production and logistics!

Our data-driven services at a glance

Data consulting

We offer data consulting and strategic planning to support data-centric decisions that make your business innovative and sustainable.

Data analysis

Our company offers in-depth analyses to optimize your production and logistics in order to increase efficiency and productivity.


We specialize in the integration of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your business processes and achieve new levels of efficiency and innovation.

Data-driven business development

Our business development services include exploration, change, transformation and optimization to take your business to the next level.


We create cloud-based solutions for storing, processing and analyzing large amounts of data, for a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure in your company that not only increases efficiency, but also provides clear exit strategies for seamless adaptation and transformation.

Strategies for digitization

We are experts in transforming traditional processes into digital workflows, thereby increasing the agility and competitiveness of your company.

ServiceDescriptionAdvantage for you
ConsultingStrategic IT planningOptimum alignment with your business objectives
Design and developmentCustomized softwarePerfect adaptation to your processes and precise adjustment to your requirements
ImplementationIntegration into existing systemsSeamless integration without interrupting operations
OperationMonitoring & optimizationHighest efficiency & reliability
DevopsDevelopment meets operationFaster releases & higher quality
Standard softwareInfor, SAP, cplaceProven solutions, quickly ready for use
Mask Group

Success stories

Discover how we have transformed companies like yours! Click here to read our impressive success stories and find out how we have created real added value through innovative solutions. Be inspired and see what’s possible for your business!

Family-owned medium-sized company
Proven tradition meets innovation. Our family character characterizes our corporate culture and ensures flexibility and personal commitment in every project.
Trusted partner
Personal, individual advice and support. We value honest and open communication in order to create customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.
Long-term partnerships
We strive to grow with our customers and achieve success together. Your success is our success and we are focused on building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.
Innovative solutions
Our expertise in state-of-the-art technologies enables us to offer innovative and future-proof solutions that will help you move forward in the digital landscape.
Dedication to excellence
Our passion for quality and excellence is reflected in every aspect of our work, from the initial consultation to the final implementation.
Adaptability and flexibility
As a medium-sized company, we are able to react quickly to market changes and customer requirements, which gives us a unique advantage over larger, less agile companies.
Creative thinker and solution provider
Wir verbinden originelle Ideen mit effektiven Strategien, um Ihre Unternehmensherausforderungen mit maßgeschneiderten und zukunftsweisenden Lösungen zu meistern.

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Sulzer offers customized IT solutions that cover the entire software lifecycle. From consulting and development to implementation and operation – we ensure that your production and logistics processes are optimized and digitalized.

Our solutions enable companies to increase their efficiency, reduce costs and shorten production and delivery times. Our data-driven approaches also enable companies to make informed decisions more quickly and thus gain a competitive advantage.

With our in-depth knowledge of these standard software solutions and our industry expertise, we ensure that integration is seamless and that the software is optimally adapted to your specific requirements.

Sulzer uses advanced data analytics and AI technologies to gain valuable insights into your processes. This enables your company to identify opportunities, minimize risks and make strategic decisions based on solid data.

Many of our customers report significant improvements in efficiency, reduced operating costs and increased production quality. One mechanical engineering company, for example, was able to increase its production efficiency by 30%, while an automotive manufacturer was able to halve its delivery times thanks to our data-driven solutions.

Our decades of experience combined with state-of-the-art technologies enable us to offer customized solutions for every company. We integrate advanced AI technologies to enable precise and efficient decision-making.

We offer comprehensive digitization strategies that transform traditional processes into efficient digital workflows. Our experts advise you from planning to implementation.

Although many industries can benefit from our services, we have particular expertise in the manufacturing, automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.

Our experts analyze your existing system, identify optimization opportunities and implement AI solutions seamlessly to increase efficiency and precision.

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At Sulzer, we understand that the future lies in a data-driven world. Our goal is to accompany you on this journey and ensure that your production and logistics benefit from the latest technological developments. Let’s explore together the possibilities of how we can optimize your processes and achieve your goals. Contact us to take the first step towards a more efficient and future-oriented business world.

Join the data-supported revolution in production and logistics with Sulzer!

Eike Bräsel
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