Artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs)

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With AI and LLMs, you can gradually transform your company into a data-driven organization. Start by transforming your departments into data-centric units.

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Welcome to Sulzer, your trusted partner for data-driven IT solutions and business consulting. In a world that is changing ever faster, we will show you how you can use artificial intelligence (AI) with large language models (LLM) to improve your processes and turn your company data into real competitive advantages.

Why Sulzer?

Our expertise in AI and LLMs is the result of years of research and practical application. We combine AI and LLMs to provide customized solutions for your specific requirements. We use advanced technologies such as Azure, ChatGPT and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for optimal results in areas such as quality assurance, customer contact, HR management knowledge management and many other areas.

Our aim is not only to equip you with the right technology, but also to closely accompany and support you throughout the entire transformation process.

Our consulting services are diverse and flexible. We are happy to advise you on various LLMs, not just ChatGPT. Our top priority is to find a solution that best suits you and your company.

Almost 5 decades of IT experience, we have been providing customized IT solutions for industry since 1978.
Industry focus: Our services are particularly valuable in the automotive, mechanical engineering and insurance sectors
Combination of AI and LLMs for customized, data-driven solutions
Innovation leader: We are pioneers in the use of AI, cloud, telematics and much more.

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An example from practice
In a digitalized world, precise and fast information is essential.
A maintenance technician is faced with a machine problem and needs immediate information.
Instead of searching through several manuals, he asks a direct question on his tablet or cell phone: “What do I need to consider when maintaining the XYZ machine?”
IT support and customer service staff can also get immediate answers to their specific questions.
With the traditional search, the technician would have to search through various resources, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.
With the GPT-4-supported search in Azure, the technician submits their question directly to the system and receives a consolidated answer and the relevant documents straight away.

Added Value

An AI has access to a comprehensive knowledge database that contains all relevant manuals and documents. The system automatically identifies relevant documents and forwards them. The technician receives a clear response and can access the associated documents directly.

  • Significant time savings, greater efficiency and less frustration.
  • LLM-supported search is not just an improved search function, but an intelligent assistant.
  • Azure provides a platform in Europe for this revolutionary technology, and experts are available for advice and implementation.

You can find the full story in our white paper. (german only)


AI and LLMs represent a transformative technology that has the potential to fundamentally change the way we work.

In particular, AI and LLMs offer significant opportunities in the following areas:
Centralize company knowledge for easy access.
AI and LLMs can help to consolidate knowledge and information within a company and make it more accessible, which can lead to more efficient use of information.
Reduce research time and increase efficiency.
By automating research processes, AI and LLMs can help to reduce the time required to obtain information and increase efficiency.
Use AI and LLM for data-based decisions and improved customer engagement.
AI and LLMs can be used to make informed, data-driven decisions and improve customer engagement through personalized communication and interaction.


While these technologies bring significant benefits, they also come with certain risks.

Here are three key risks to consider when implementing and using AI and LLMs:
Highest data security standards to protect your information.
When using AI and LLMs, it is of paramount importance to meet data security standards to protect your information. This requires robust security measures and continuous monitoring.
Invest in the future with AI and LLM.
Implementing AI and LLMs requires investment in technology, staff and training. It is important to consider these costs and weigh up the potential long-term benefits against the initial outlay.
Our solutions meet ethical and legal standards.
AI and LLMs must meet ethical and legal standards. This includes issues of data protection, fairness and transparency, as well as compliance with legal regulations in various areas of law.

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Together, we design your digital transformation process from exploration to optimization. Benefit from our expertise for sustainable business success.

Together, we design your digital transformation process from exploration to optimization. Benefit from our expertise for sustainable business success.

Holger Schlaps
Artificial Intelligence