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Solution Development Process

We are a Full IT Provider supporting your automotive supply-chain processes end-to-end through integrated business and technical expertise.

Sulzer Solutions Built on Experience
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Solution Proposal
  • Technology Fit
  • Solution Lifecycle Services
Business Process Analysis
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Business Process Analysis

Our Business Consultants personally connect to discuss your business process optimization goals, challenges, and requirements.
  • Procurement
  • Product Development
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Quality
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Telematics
  • Logistics
Solution Proposal
Solution Proposal

Solution Proposal

Our Architects collaborate within the solution development process, they embrace innovation and propose impactful results.
  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • Mobility
  • BI
  • IoT 5G
  • Blockchain
  • AI
Technology Fit
Technology Fit

Technology Fit

Our Software Developers and Systems Engineers determine the optimum software and IT infrastructure components to build the solution and empower your digital transformation.
  • IT Infrastructure
  • NET
  • Java
  • IT Security
  • SAP S/4 Hana
  • EAI
  • Data Warehouse
  • Database
Solution Lifecycle Services
Solution Lifecycle Services

Solution Lifecycle Services

Our Consultants work with you in trusted partnership, providing the required services throughout the solution lifecycle.
  • Project Management
  • X Shoring
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Sulzer Solutions

Supporting the digital transformation strategies of leading companies in the automotive, engineering and insurance industries.

Digitized enterprise

Digitizing the Enterprise & Ecosystems

Optimizing core process efficiencies, reducing costs to free up funds, and driving innovation across automotive supply-chains.
Building smarter factory

Building a Smarter Factory

Transforming automotive manufacturing with Industry 4.0 technologies. Making everything a game-changing data source!
Mobility service provider

Becoming a Mobility Service Provider

Enabling the transition from selling cars as products to selling mobility as an integrated ecosystem—developing new business models and revenue opportunities.

Why Sulzer

Reasons why customers choose us as
their IT Solutions Provider.

We are the benchmark for IT experience in German industry”

Since 1978 we have been successfully supporting customers in the automotive industry. Today, companies in the engineering and insurance sectors also benefit from our long-term expertise.

Business Decision

Choose Sulzer to leverage a trusted industry partner with the courage to create new business possibilities.
Invaluable Experience
Almost 5 decades providing IT solutions to the automotive industry.
X-Shoring for Better Economics
Greatly reducing operational costs through customized delivery models.
Unexpected Insights
Surprising customers with insight into what’s possible in their businesses.
The Big Picture
Integrated business & technology expertise, building solutions for the long-term.

Technical Decision

Choose Sulzer to ensure maximum usage of data, enable continuous operations, and to develop innovative solutions.
Proven Technical Experience
One-stop-shop for technical skills covering all the bases to project completion.
Agile Development Methods
Nimble process frameworks to manage complex software development.
Flexible & Reliable Delivery
Lean structures allow for custom fit solutions, on time, and on budget.
Make the Impossible Possible
A passion for succeeding where others give up.

How Clients Rate our Expertise and Performance

We do not measure ourselves by how long we work, but by how our clients rate us—based on hard metrics.

Customer Focus
Solution Concepts
Business Expertise
Technical Expertise
Software Expertise
Customer Care
  1. Excellent
  2. Very good
  3. Good
  4. Average
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Sulzer X-Shoring

We lower yours costs, balance your workload, and guarantee international standards in solution delivery.


Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing to one or more of the automotive cities in Germany, without taking on the responsibilities of offshoring.


Stay on the same continent, in a similar time zone, visit in person more often, and keep travel expenses to a minimum.


Reap the cost benefits of outsourcing to an offshore location, keep business running 24/7, and tap into an exceptional talent pool.


Get the best from onshoring, near shoring, and offshoring, by mixing and matching your needs within our Flexishore program.

  • Cost Savings
  • Suitable time zone
  • Multilingual
  • Cultural fit
  • Top talent pool