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See how Sulzer is helping SAP business users securely connect to their SAP Universe data sources via Cloud Analytics, from anywhere.

Success Story

A partnership that fosters invention

Analyze your business critical data through a cloud based—direct live—connection.

Real-time visibility of your distributed information silos

As SAP executes on its strategy to become the Experience Company Powered by the Intelligent Enterprise, the need for total data visibility is paramount to helping businesses make end-to-end decisions with confidence.
We are proud to have been selected by SAP as an innovation partner to help deliver on the foundation of their strategy, and to securely access any experience data or operational data, from anywhere, in real-time.

A game-changing business cloud platform that is secure and scales with ease

A key element of the intelligent enterprise strategy is a scalable cloud platform to help customers manage data across their entire application landscape. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) promises huge business benefits such as real-time KPI tracking, ML driven insights, integrated planning, and the ability to run interactive simulations with a complete view of your business.

Sulzer relies on a hybrid data strategy

Cloud platform challenges

Although the business benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud are undeniable, many companies struggle to adopt cloud based platforms due to corporate data protection policies or the significant costs associated with copying large datasets to the cloud. Sizable investments are made in the semantic layer of SAP BusinessObjects Universes over time to make them highly valuable to business users. If such investments cannot be further leveraged for data security or privacy reasons, then adopting cloud-based solutions becomes problematic.

Responding with Live Data Connectors (LDCs)

The Sulzer Solution & benefits

Leveraging our proven expertise in SAP BO, cloud platforms, and in connecting live acquired & hybrid data sources, Sulzer implemented Live Data Connectors for SAC to securely connect users to their SAP Universe & SAP BW on-premise datasets via CORS—without compromising data security or privacy. The keys to its success are simplicity of implementation, ease of use, and enterprise class reliability—stemming from our experience with V1.07, V2.3, V2.4, and V3.0 implementations.

  • No costly data replication & data management costs
  • Automatic updating with current data – Live data!
  • Easy solution integration & setup

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The Sulzer Solution business impact

Bringing your data analytics strategy into the cloud should be without restrictions or compromises. Sulzer will help you reap the rewards of SAP Analytics Cloud quickly and without any worry or added risks.

Now you can combine Business Intelligence, Predictive, Planning, and Digital Boardroom capabilities to analyze all data from your landscape—on-premise or in a hybrid cloud scenario.

Your data, your call
Blend on-premise & cloud data. keep all sensitive data where you want it.
Better cloud economics
Get rid of costly in-house data visualization maintenance & upgrade costs.
No extra costs
No additional hardware infrastructure or maintenance costs.
See everything
Create a complete view of your business and experience its performance in real-time.

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