Building a whole new customer base

See how Sulzer is helping a German premium manufacturer open the door to an entirely new clientele.

Success Story

Process Innovation

Connecting a premium product to a new type of customer.

Digital strategy for transformation

As our client transforms from a manufacturer of premium sports cars to a provider of premium mobility, the role of digital technologies takes center stage.

We are helping our client to implement its digital strategy and propel the sports car into a new age of connectivity and data driven mobility.

Inventing new ways of doing business through process innovation

Part of the strategy is centred around using new go-to-market digital process platforms such as subscription & rental to build a new customer base—to reach an entirely new clientele!

Subscription & Rental technical challenges

  • Separate development strategies for each platform
  • Disparate technology architectures
  • Different product maturity levels
  • Inconsistent look & feel
  • High development costs
  • Inconsistent customer experience

Single Architecture Digital Subscription & Rental platform

The Sulzer Solution & Technical benefits

We partnered with our client to build a single architecture based mobility App for EMEA that delivers 100% platform consistency and super smooth subscription and rental experiences for its customers—with zero complexity!

The simplicity of the App Solution is the key to its success.

  • Consolidated product vision
  • Reduced complexity & maintenance
  • Lowered costs
  • Faster development
  • Improved overall quality

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The Sulzer Solution business impact

Ordering a Mobility Service must be simple, straight forward, and painless. Sulzer is helping its client through a single architecture Subscription & Rental Digital Platform to connect with an entirely new clientele, by removing all the obstacles and comlexities associated with classic leasing and rental models. Subscription is the new word for ownership.

Start the App, grab your credit card, and you can order the sports car of your dreams, instantly.

Easy Access
Subscribe online and let your choice of car be delivered to your door.
Pure convenience
No Insurance complications. No maintenance. No depreciation. No complex contract procedures. No mileage penalties. Give back any time you like.
Instant Flip
Exchange for any other model you want, when you want.
Order a test drive
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