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From consulting to implementation, whether you are a cloud newcomer or an expert, Sulzer GmbH will support you in every phase of your cloud initiative. Find out how we help companies like yours to fully exploit the potential of the cloud and create future-proof solutions.

Why the cloud is crucial for every company

Digitalization is on the rise. Whether you already have cloud experience or are at the beginning of your cloud journey, the right partner makes all the difference.

According to the latest Lünendonk study, companies that modernize their IT infrastructure are better positioned to face future challenges. At Sulzer GmbH, we support you in every phase of your cloud initiative.

Cloud native plays an important role in digital transformation

Yes, we use cloud-native technologies for selected projects.
Yes, we are currently in the process of introducing cloud-native technologies or are planning to do so in the future.
Yes, cloud-native technologies are already an established part of our digital strategy.
9% *
No, cloud-native technologies will not play a role for us in the future.

* Not yet of strategic relevance, as we (still) rely on other technologies. • We have security concerns (including data protection). • Irrelevant for our products and services. • The topic is new to us. • Uncertainty about the costs.

The importance of cloud technology for companies in the digital era

In a world where digitalization is advancing inexorably, cloud technology plays a crucial role for companies of all sizes. According to the latest Lünendonk study, companies that invest in modernizing their IT infrastructure are better equipped to effectively meet the challenges of the future.

Sulzer GmbH – Your partner for the complete cloud lifecycle

From the start of consulting to the implementation and optimization of your existing cloud solutions, we are at your side. Our expertise extends to companies that are new to the cloud as well as those that want to optimize their existing cloud strategy.

Our approach:

Independent, agnostic, individual

We advise you independently and do not focus on a specific cloud technology or a specific provider such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. Our priority is to find the perfect solution for your business model – who provides it is secondary.

Cloud readiness is our business

Together, we define the ideal cloud strategy for you. We then create a customized cloud infrastructure that meets your needs and strategically migrate and revise your applications. With us, you can fully exploit the cloud’s potential, be it cost savings, improved efficiency, increased security or simple scalability.

Case study:

Cloud mass migration: opportunities and challenges on a large scale

Discover how we successfully implemented a highly complex mass migration to the cloud for one of our largest customers. (in german)

Cloud mass migration: opportunities and challenges on a large scale

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Advice for cloud newcomers and cloud experts
Individual concepts for migration and transformation
Agnostic approach
Making applications cloud-ready
Planning and executing migrations to the cloud (applications and infrastructure)
Development of cloud infrastructures
Review of cost savings of existing cloud deployments
Review to improve the efficiency and performance of cloud deployments
Review of the security of existing deployments
Employee training
Data harmonization
Cloud Exit Strategies

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Sebastian Junger
Head of Delivery Unit Cloud