Leaner Processes for agile Business

Sulzer IT Solutions are for processes that need to adapt at speed. We focus on the process first, then we build the best IT solution possible.

Integrating leading-edge technologies for process enrichment

Leading-edge technologies promise huge advancements, but when poorly implemented, they can lower productivity and revenue. Sulzer process expertise guarantees seamless integration of modern technologies for maximum business effect.

Here are some examples of how we can help you…

Focus on process innovation

Sulzer business experts will help you make innovation part of your process management strategy to invent new ways of doing business.

Up-level communication

Disparate systems and data silos result in poor decisions. We will connect your stakeholders to all the right information in real-time.

Drive out risk

We will help you establish a panoptic view of operations in real-time, to identify what can be automated for flawless execution of workflows and processes.


Insights that make Processes lean

Our business process experts work with you in partnership to invent new solutions, change IT economics, create opportunities through greater insights, and develop new business models & revenue streams.

Business insights


Helping you find the answers to the business questions, you know.

Customer insights

Big Data on Hadoop

Helping you find the questions and answers you don’t know yet.

Mobility insights

AI on Cloud

Helping you find better answers to questions based on aggregated experiences—always getting better.

Process expertise

As a leading Full IT Provider, we measure the impact of our IT Solutions on the value they bring to the business. Building great IT Solutions requires a thorough understanding of operational processes. Our customers need to constantly adapt to change—our in-depth process knowledge and experience helps further improve the efficacy and adaptability of the business process environment, end-to-end.

Product Development Product Development
Production Production
Logistics Logistics
Purchasing Purchasing
Sales Sales
Marketing Marketing
Big data and Analytics Big data and Analytics
Telematics Telematics
Human Resources Human Resources
Quality Quality
Finance Finance
Mobility Mobility

Sulzer Process Optimisation

Sulzer process optimisation is built on best-in-class IT solutions. We strive to make each process as lean as possible. All our efforts lead to greater automation and higher levels of efficiency.

IT Solution business process impact

More agility
Flexible processes by design make for faster changes and customization at lower costs.
Increased efficiency
Quality data, 360 visibility, drives better analytics, more effective use of resources, and leaner processes.
Increased productivity
Automate workflows, eliminate bottle necks & redundancies, and implement parallel processing.
Better compliance
Easy implementation of new regulatory requirements keeps business in lock-step with legal demands.
Extensive systems integration
Standards such as ITIL and CRISP-DM allow for more extensive integration of IT systems and data.
Reduced repeatability
Clustering of similar or identical problems enables more efficient and effective support services.
Greater sustainability
Agile processes cater for constant change and adaptation, while preserving control & visibility.
Improved customer satisfaction
Effective resource management, and faster customer support creates more time for customer listening.
Accurate measurability
Precise metrics drive maximum process and workflow productivity.
Higher employee satisfaction
Reducing repetition through automation frees up employees to focus on more important & satisfying tasks.

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Strategic Business Solutions
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Manufacturing, Sales
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Business Analytics
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Head of Delivery Unit Product Intelligence (SAP/Infor)
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Application Management
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Quality Assurance
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Head of Delivery Unit Projectmanagement & Agile
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Research and Development

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