Digital innovation in the automotive sector with Sulzer and Oracle APEX

How did a customized Oracle APEX solution solve a complex problem in an automotive manufacturer’s equipment purchasing department? Dive into our client’s story to discover the key moments and impressive results of this digital transformation.

Success Story

A transformational success story

Find out how we make the IT processes of a leading company more efficient and effective.


Networked systemsare the key to keeping pace in a world of constant change. In an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), flexibility in IT is not only desirable, but essential.

Oracle APEX is proving to be particularly suited to this dynamic landscape by enabling rapid customization and efficient process design. Sulzer is here to help companies overcome these challenges and take full advantage of Oracle APEX to optimize procurement and project purchasing to meet today’s business needs.

Release Management mit Oracle APEX

User-friendliness was also a priority, with a central, clear system that reduced manual effort and offered multilingual support. Thanks to agile project management, close collaboration within the team and open, trusting communication with the customer, the project was successfully implemented despite challenges such as changing requirements.

Improved data quality
By synchronizing and homogenizing the systems, a significant increase in data quality was achieved, leading to more precise and reliable business decisions.
Increased efficiency in processes
The reduction of manual effort and the acceleration of processes through Oracle APEX enables a more efficient way of working and time savings.
Ease of use
A central, clear and multilingual user interface improves the user experience and supports employees in their daily work.
Customer-centered implementation
The close collaboration with the customer during the agile development process resulted in a solution that is precisely tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements.
Reliability and safety
Compliance with the highest security standards and data protection regulations ensures a secure and reliable IT environment for the company.
Scalability and flexibility
The multi-client capability and scalability of the solution ensures adaptation to future requirements and growth of the company.

What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is an advanced low-code development platform offered by Oracle that focuses on the fast and efficient creation of data-driven, web-based applications. As an integrated part of the Oracle database, APEX enables developers to create powerful applications with minimal coding effort.

Oracle APEX is the ideal solution for organizations looking for an agile and secure way to develop custom web applications and is a key resource in the low-code/no-code development space. With Oracle APEX, companies can quickly customize and extend their application landscape, making it a valuable tool in the modern business world.

Customized applications
Create individual solutions that perfectly suit your needs.
Easy to maintain
100 times less code – lean and easier to maintain developments
Quick and easy
A low-code framework from Oracle for the development of data-centric web applications
More speed
Shorten the development cycle and complete your projects faster.

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Gesa Brehl
Teamlead APEX