Application Modernization with Sulzer:

Modern & stable: your future-proof application landscape

Discover the future of digital success! Application Modernization from Sulzer gives you the key to taking your business applications to the next level.

We make your applications future-proof and the key to your digital market success.

IT as an ecosystem

Imagine a dynamic software ecosystem known as an “Obsolete IT Landscape”. Every software integration or software upgrade affects the entire ecosystem. At Sulzer, your expert in software modernization and IT consulting, we are ready to guide you on this exciting journey through digital transformation.

Modernizing enterprise applications is like maintaining a thriving ecosystem. It is a crucial step in increasing the efficiency of your IT landscape and thus optimizing your business processes. With every software solution that you wisely integrate, you increase your performance, reduce IT costs and increase your business agility.

Discover the benefits of software modernization

Increased performance:
Optimize your applications for more efficient business processes.
Cost reduction:
Reduce maintenance and operating costs with modern software solutions.
Increased agility:
Adapt quickly to market changes.
Future security:
Be ready for future digital challenges.


An example? We helped a leading company in the automotive industry to optimize its software ecosystem by modernizing its SAP application.

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Software modernization with Sulzer GmbH

As your expert for application modernization and IT consulting, we offer comprehensive services – from planning to ongoing optimization. Use state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, SAP, Infor and cloud computing to take your company to the top.

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Michael Mocker
Head of Sales