Preventing business critical service outages

See how Sulzer is helping a leading premium manufacturer use AI to reinvent Incident & Fault management.

Success Story

Teaching AI to think

Reducing incidents and MTTR—greatly improving service levels.

Moving to a technology specific IT Strategy

As part of their IT Strategy, our client is moving from IT silos of individual business divisions toward specific areas of technology i.e. future-proofing their IT organization that supports core business and new business models. We are helping our client deliver on their strategy with inventive IT solutions that provide a measured amount of automation and agility to support their corporate goals.

Game-changing insights in real-time that disrupt operational economics

One of the targeted areas for invention was the Incident &
Fault Management of business critical Applications to greatly improve operational service-levels. We built & trained a system to prevent service outages while assisting support technicians to predict potential future problems—keeping everything running while making significant OPEX savings.

Application service level challenges

  • No centralized visibility of application operational health
  • Incidents handled manually
  • Slow root-cause analysis
  • Duplicate and repeat incidents
  • Poor incident response times
  • Unresolved anomalies

Development of our own solution – Application Management powered by Artificial Intelligence

The Sulzer Solution & Technical benefits

Using Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, we built and trained an automated Incident & Fault Management system that is described by our client as the best solution on the market. The solution has been successfully implemented across our client’s enterprise—moving them from reactive to proactive fault management.

The key to it’s success is that it is always getting better!

  • App health monitoring in real-time
  • Intelligent sentiment analysis
  • Trend detection
  • Easy system integration
  • Automatic comparing & clustering
  • User feedback improves AI

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The Sulzer Solution business impact

Our Incident & Fault Management System greatly impacts the top and bottom lines of business. It optimizes operational service levels to increase productivity & revenue, and it greatly reduces MTTR to drive down operational costs.

Better insights
Panoptic view of App(s) health. Proactive problem management. Change impact transparency. Faster root-cause analysis. Improved customer satisfaction.
Cost savings
Reduced MTTR. Significant incident reduction. Lower planned/unplanned downtime. Less maintenance. Lower annual failure rate.
Integrate with any App. Connect to any data source. Extendable features.
Awesome ROI
Number of tickets/year
# 1,000,000
Support level savings (first 12 months)
€ 3,960,000 .-
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