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At the heart of the automotive and manufacturing industry, we at Sulzer know your challenges inside out. Our mission? To revolutionize your processes with the most advanced Infor and SAP ERP solutions.

Together, we will put your company in the fast lane – with personal commitment, in-depth industry knowledge and a clear focus on your individual needs

Our solutions

ERP systems from SAP and Infor, enhanced with the latest AI-supported technologies, are tailor-made to meet the diverse and complex requirements of the automotive and manufacturing industries. These systems go far beyond traditional production optimization and integrate in-depth solutions for logistics, goods receipt, materials management, financial accounting (FI), purchasing and sales. They offer modular, adaptable tools for optimizing the entire value chain, from increasing production efficiency to automating complex financial processes.

By using AI and advanced data analytics, these ERP systems enable more accurate forecasting in finance, improve decision-making and allow for more dynamic planning and management of company resources. They help to streamline production and logistics processes, minimize inventories and shorten lead times by using real-time data and analytics to optimize processes.

The advanced planning and scheduling tools, combined with integrated quality management and specialized solutions for each business area, allow flexible and scalable adaptation to the individual needs of each company.

ERP core functions  

Industry-specific ERP solutions

Spezialisiert auf SAP und Infor, zugeschnitten auf die Automobil- und Fertigungsindustrie.

Optimizing supply chains

Verbesserung der Effizienz und Reduzierung der Durchlaufzeiten durch den Einsatz von Echtzeit-Daten und Analysen.

Manufacturing efficiency

Use of advanced planning and scheduling tools to increase productivity.

Automating financial processes

Integration of ERP systems to simplify and accelerate financial transactions and purchasing processes.

Individual customization

The flexibility of the systems allows them to be tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Specialized supply chain management solutions

Optimierung und Verwaltung der Lieferkette für maximale Effizienz und Kosteneffektivität.

Scalability and adaptability

ERP-Systeme, die mit den Anforderungen des Unternehmens wachsen und sich anpassen können.

Streamlining production processes

Reduzierung von Beständen und Minimierung von Verschwendungen durch optimierte Prozesse.

Integrated quality management

Use of quality management modules to ensure and improve product quality.

Expertise in real-time data analysis

Use of real-time data for informed decision-making and strategic planning and forecasting.

Discover how Sulzer pushes the boundaries of your production and operational performance with specialized ERP solutions from SAP and Infor.

Infor ERP:

Optimize your processes with industry-specific functions.


Scale your business with integrated SAP solutions.

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Success stories of our customers

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Case Study 1:

Automobilzulieferer erreicht neue Effizienzlevel beim Lieferantenaustausch mit Infor ERP

Case Study 2:

Automobilbauer revolutioniert seine Prozesse mit SAP Analytics

Why Sulzer?

The advantages at a glance:
Industry specific expertise
Specializing in the automotive and mechanical engineering industry, we understand your challenges and opportunities.
Individual solutions
Customized ERP solutions from Infor and SAP that are specifically tailored to your needs.
Long-term partnerships
Proven cooperation with leading technology providers guarantees access to the latest solutions.
Practice-oriented know-how
Our experienced team provides actionable insights and solutions that work.
Commitment to your success
We see ourselves as part of your team and are committed to your goals.

Sustainable transformation
Support for digital transformation with a view to long-term success.
Customer-oriented support
Personal service and support that goes beyond implementation.
Maximum efficiency
Optimization of your business processes for increased productivity and cost efficiency.
Innovation leadership
Using the latest technologies to keep you at the forefront of your industry.



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