Agile DevOps and IT solution life-cycle services

Sulzer Services are designed so you can respond instantly to changing business needs. Solutions have to be built quickly and they must work first go.

We make agile real.

Sulzer Solutions Factory framework

Within our IT Solutions Factory Framework we design and build what solves our customers’ problems. Our IT, business, and industry expertise is second to none, but it’s our proven agile framework that allows us to think big, move fast, and solve every customer problem at speed.

Agility is our DNA, and it is our No. 1 business differentiator since our foundation in 1978.

Solutions Development Process

Working with our customers, we analyze their business process optimization requirements and scope out impactful solutions & technologies.


Agile IT Factory


Undertake feasibility study to set clear project targets from the beginning. Enter three stage design process for realization of preliminary, professional, and IT solution concepts.


Sulzer IT Factory enables lean and cost-effective processes, accelerating the development of software solutions, reducing costs without compromising on quality.


Sulzer Test Factory utilizes adaptable processes for projects of any size. The scope of testing required is determined by a detailed analysis of use cases and clear acceptance criteria.


To guarantee faultless roll-outs and go-live processes we dedicate a start-up manager to collaborate with all stakeholders, including our 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support teams in this critical project phase.


Using a combination of ITIL best practices, agile project management, and Sulzer Support Factory, we keep operations running smoothly, guaranteeing the delivery of the agreed SLA.

Fostering agility within our Solutions Factory Framework

We put agility at the heart of our Factory Framework and everything we do.

Agile @Sulzer

Agile Project Management

Coaching & Consulting

Trained coaches assist our teams, departments, and entire organizations to master agile working methods to complete project tasks and processes at speed.

Workshop Trainings

We rely on flexible and easy processes, models and methods. In individual trainings and workshops we transfer our know-how – with a clear focus on project and customer needs.

Agile Teams

Sulzer Coaches support our customers with agile methods that increase the overall efficacy of their teams and organizations.

Agile Tool Chain

We offer our customers tools and platform solutions to control and monitor the efficiency of their projects. In addition to Jira and Confluence we can support you with the most modern communication solutions available.

Better Solution Lifecycle Economics

We lower your costs and guarantee international standards in solution delivery and operations.

Cost savings & standards



Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing to a location near you in Germany without taking on the responsibilites of offshoring.


Stay on the same continent and within a similar time zone. Visit in person more often and keep travel expenses to a minimum.


Reap the cost benefits of outsourcing to an offshore location. Keep business running 24/7 and tap into an exceptional talent pool.


Get the best from onshoring, nearshoring, and offshoring by mixing and matching your needs within our Flexishore program.

Managing complex IT infrastructure

Keeping everything running smoothly, from first deployment, to technology refreshes and beyond

Planning & implementation

Release Management

Manage IT releases better

Sulzer SSRM delivers planned, controlled and synchronized updating of hardware & software versions. We manage release plans, functional incompatibilities, license & support periods, as well as terms for hardware leases.

Security as a Process

Maximum security in the right place at the right cost.

Planning & implementation

Cyber Security / TISAX®

Security is people, process, and technology

Using proven and innovative services, our cyber security experts create a uniform, manageable, and efficient security process across all devices, machines, vehicles, production lines, locations, and partners. Additional safeguarding is provided by our internal control system according to ISAE 3402 and our quality management according to ISO 9001.

Comprehensive services related to TISAX®

As a TISAX®-labeled company, we offer professional services and support service providers and suppliers from the automotive industry in preparing for the TISAX® assessment. You too can benefit from the wide-ranging expertise, personal advice and tried-and-tested approach of our experts. Learn more. TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association. No business relationship exists between Sulzer GmbH and ENX Association with respect to the consulting services described above. The mention of the TISAX® trademark does not imply any statement by the trademark owner as to the suitability of the services advertised herein.

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