Pole position for efficiency: Successful SAP migration
Pole position for efficiency: Successful SAP migration

Pole position for efficiency: Successful SAP migration

A motorsport company modernized its SAP systems and optimized sales and service processes with Sulzer GmbH. Find out more about this successful transformation.

Our customer, a leading motorsport company, was faced with the challenge of modernizing its existing R3 SAP system landscape and making its sales and service processes more efficient. With the support of Sulzer GmbH, a comprehensive project was implemented that successfully drove forward the technical and operational transformation.


The challenge


The customer was confronted with several specific problems:


  • Introduction of a document management system to efficiently manage SAP-relevant processes and documents. Replacement of customer-specific coding during the migration to SAP S/4HANA.
  • Integration of various retail organizations into the system-side ordering process, which previously used their own system solutions
  • The life cycle of the SAP/R3 SD environment will end in 2027 at the latest and the new SAP technology S/4 HANA will be introduced.
  • Efficiency and usability limits of the previous R/3 environment
  • Need for optimization due to increased growth and limited technological adaptation options in the R/3 environment
  • Alignment with the new SAP user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) (Fiori Launchpad)
  • Need for embedded analytics functions from S/4 HANA and real-time KPIs Adjustment of server capacities to support the new system landscape.


Project description


The project involved migrating the sales content in the SD module from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA. The aim was to create a modern sales processing system for spare parts sales and service processing.


Measures were introduced to ensure the replacement of customer-specific automation solutions with standard solutions in S/4HANA Sales. Real-time KPIs were also implemented to improve decision-making. The introduction of the aATP (Advanced Available-to-Promise) quantity will ensure reliable material availability in the system in future.




It was primarily thanks to the close and cooperative partnership that customized solutions were developed for the customer. A small excerpt from this is the replacement of the customer’s own queries for backorder processing with standard SAP functionalities as part of the backorder processing (BOP) functions.


Furthermore, the need for analytical evaluations and real-time KPIs was met by new Lighthouse apps such as “Overview for Sales Managers”. Clear evaluations of key business processes, such as customer returns, incoming customer orders, sales, overdue order items, fulfillment of customer orders, incomplete sales documents and much more are provided as standard.


Decisive turning points


Six months before the actual target date, Sulzer carried out and finalized a preliminary study and concept that looked at sales in the context of the S/4HANA functionalities. Based on these results, target processes and the target architecture could be derived and an estimate could be made at a higher level for further milestones in the project plan;


Based on this progress, Sulzer and our customer were able to devote an appropriate period of time to various function, regression and integration tests. This meant that defects or incorrect customizing could be fully detected before the go-live.


Challenges during implementation


The project constellation consisted of Sulzer GmbH, our customer from the motorsport industry and an external implementation service provider who was responsible for the technical migration. The speed of implementation did not meet the customer’s expectations.


In consultation with the customer, Sulzer therefore developed measures that included shorter coordination cycles and a reduction
of the sprint duration and led, among other things, to the successful correction of project delays. Delayed starts and different durations of the various sub-projects massively increased the coordination effort and posed a high risk of delaying the joint go-live.




The project achieved impressive results thanks to the trusting, respectful cooperation at eye level and the agile project approach:


  • Increased efficiency: Significant increase in efficiency and speed in order processing through the use of SAP Fiori Lighthouse apps such as “Manage sales orders version 2”
  • Improved returns processing: Introduction of a modern returns process that is fully integrated into the SAP system, starting with the notification via the customer’s own web store through to the creation of credit notes.
  • Real-time reporting: Replacement of countless customer-specific queries and thus significantly improved reporting options and real-time KPIs for better monitoring and control of processes, through the exemplary use of apps such as: “My sales overview” or “Inventory analysis overview”.
  • Future security: Preparation for the migration of further subsidiaries in America and Asia through the knowledge and best practices gained as part of follow-up projects in strategic partnership with Sulzer GmbH.
  • Cost efficiency: By providing professional advice tailored to the customer’s needs, we were able to neutralize problems with the field availability of customs and foreign trade data, which were related to the fundamental decision to introduce SAP Global Trade Services and SAP International Trade. This enabled the customer to restore fields in the S/4HANA environment with little customizing effort and thus comply with customs requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction: High customer satisfaction, as this project is a showcase for both the customer and Sulzer.


Added value


The project led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction thanks to more efficient work processes and real-time KPIs. The modernization enabled rapid responsiveness and an improved process chain.


For Sulzer, this project was helpful in gaining valuable insights into the compatibility of the customer’s own real process landscape and the application of various SAP module components in the context of Sales, Material Management, Supply Chain, Customer Service and Production Planning.


Long-term effects


The modernization and optimization of the system landscape lays an important foundation for the further digital transformation of our customer. The improvements and efficiency gains achieved will make a lasting contribution to the customer’s competitiveness and agility. In addition, this successful project has further strengthened the strategic partnership between Sulzer and our customer.




This project demonstrated Sulzer GmbH’s ability to overcome complex challenges in highly dynamic industries and deliver customized solutions. The experience and knowledge gained from this project is already being applied in other projects in the automotive, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, public and energy sectors.


Anni Hoja , Head of Delivery Unit Product Intelligence
Anni Hoja
Head of Delivery Unit Product Intelligence