Efficient management with cplace: reach your goal four times faster
Efficient management with cplace: reach your goal four times faster

Efficient management with cplace: reach your goal four times faster

Increase your productivity fourfold with cplace - ideal for dynamic IT landscapes in a constantly changing world. Future-proof and agile project management with Sulzer and cplace.

In the rapidly evolving IT landscape of 2024, choosing the right software solutions is critical to business success. This article provides an overview of cplace, a flexible and scalable platform software that is ideally suited to current IT trends and challenges.


We look at the core functions of cplace, its role in the context of current IT developments and the benefits for portfolio and project management. You will also find out why Sulzer is the perfect partner for implementing cplace in your company and gain an insight into our comprehensive expertise and customized services. 


Challenges in portfolio and project management


In the world of portfolio and project management, IT decision makers face numerous challenges: coordinating complex projects, managing multiple resources and meeting tight schedules while ensuring efficiency and transparency.


With the pressure to deliver innovative solutions quickly and respond to change with agility, organizations need a platform that offers both flexibility and control.


cplace as a solution for portfolio and project management


cplace offers advanced portfolio and project management capabilities that enable organizations to manage their projects efficiently and effectively. The platform supports:

  • Centralized management: cplace makes it possible to collect and manage all project information in one place, improving clarity and control over complex project portfolios.
  • Customizable workflows: cplace’s flexibility allows you to adapt specific workflows and processes to the individual needs of your organization.
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting: With cplace, you can view data in real time, create reports and use them to make informed decisions and keep your projects on track.
  • Collaboration and communication: The platform facilitates collaboration between teams and departments, which is crucial for the success of projects.
  • Rapid prototyping: With cplace, companies can quickly develop a functional prototype that meets the core needs of their employees.



cplace in the context of current IT trends


Over the last 15 years, platform software has established itself as the preferred solution in many industries, such as e-commerce, and is characterized by standardization, flexibility and cost efficiency. It offers high scalability and a variety of customizable functions and tools that cover a wide range of requirements.


A particular advantage of platform software such as cplace lies in customizing, which enables adaptation to specific needs, improves user-friendliness, ensures seamless integration with existing systems and at the same time increases scalability and competitiveness. This leads to significant cost savings and facilitates customization compared to individual solutions.


The introduction of microservices has further increased the flexibility of platform software. It uses state-of-the-art technologies and approaches, while traditional legacy solutions are based on older technologies and often cannot keep pace with current developments. Nevertheless, these legacy systems retain their importance in certain areas. Modern systems can integrate and utilize these relevant components of legacy systems. cplace has all these advantages and more.


The advantages of cplace in detail


cplace offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • No-code functionality: allows non-programmers to create data models and layouts that accurately reflect project requirements. Live customizability: changes can be made in the shortest possible time.
  • Low-code development: Offers developers and interested specialists the opportunity to extend data models with required processes and to integrate automation and additional functions.
  • Pro code capacities: For more in-depth customizations and developments that extend or modify the core functionalities of cplace. The result is a solution that is fully tailored to your needs.


Business Case


A concrete example of cplace’s effectiveness is its use at a large automotive supplier, where cplace helped to optimize project management processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


For example, before modernization with cplace, task management involved almost 20 steps from opening the software used to closing it after processing and documenting the task, with almost twice as many fields having to be filled in manually or processes having to be initiated. In addition, there were purely textual descriptions, statuses and assignments that made efficient management impossible, as no dedicated data structures of the necessary complexity were possible. At the same time, the software was used very differently for this reason, as not all requirements were covered and therefore no clear process existed.


With cplace’s unique flexibility and adaptability, we were able to solve this problem. Working closely with the subject matter experts, we were able to reduce the steps from almost 20 to 5, automate almost all manual processes and entries except for the most necessary data and define a fixed process embedded in the project management.


As a result, the new task management system was chosen as the most popular change compared to the old system and has significantly increased the client’s efficiency.



Exemplary visualization of the changes in the IT landscape by cplace

Exemplary visualization of the changes in the IT landscape by cplace


Why Sulzer?


Sulzer is your ideal partner for the implementation of cplace, thanks to our more than 45 years of experience and our extensive expertise in project management and IT solutions. We offer customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your business needs and support you with a flexible mix of methods and in-depth project experience. Our expertise in data protection and compliance guarantees secure project implementation.


With Sulzer and cplace, you get a future-proof, efficient solution for optimal project management that gives your company a competitive edge.




In a world where IT budgets are increasingly focused on business outcomes and technological advances, cplace offers a robust and future-proof solution.


With its user-friendly and no-code customizable interface, modern low-code capabilities and customizable per-code capacities, cplace is ideally positioned to meet the changing needs of the IT industry. Whether it’s integrating with existing systems, scaling business processes or gaining competitive advantage, cplace is at the forefront of platform software solutions.


Want to learn more about cplace?

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Are you interested in cplace or would you like to learn more about our platform solutions? Contact our team of experts at Sulzer for a personal consultation and demo. Discover how cplace can make your business processes more efficient and your IT strategy future-proof.

Dr. Robert Daubner, Head of Delivery Unit Business Analysis
Dr. Robert Daubner
Head of Delivery Unit Business Analysis