Master your task management with cplace
Master your task management with cplace

Master your task management with cplace

Transform your project and task management processes and set new standards in your industry with Sulzer and cplace.

Controllers of all stripes often have the problem of raising a really large number of projects and tasks with different weightings, e.g. to Balanced Score Card level, and then preparing them “simply” for different levels of decision-makers. The Excel jungle paired with PowerPoint orgies and an infinite number of communication blunders in the visualization of differently “important information” such as risks lead to hurt egos and wrong decisions.


In the dynamic world of business management, where efficiency and precision are critical, large companies need advanced project and task management tools that not only keep up, but also lead the way in areas such as rights management, visualization and real-time risk management.


cplace is exactly this tool – specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of the enterprise segment and to take your business processes into a new era. everyone sees exactly the information they need to see; weighted, evaluated and up-to-date, in order to make the right decision. Control thus becomes a real efficiency tool!


cplace: Tailor-made for your enterprise project management


cplace goes beyond conventional project management tools and offers an adaptive, secure and powerful platform for your task management. From the planning and execution of complex projects to the seamless integration of disparate systems, cplace offers unparalleled flexibility and security that is essential for enterprise applications.


The answer to enterprise challenges


cplace directly addresses the specific challenges of project and task management in large enterprises: reducing complexity, consolidating isolated tools and minimizing manual processes. It offers a clear solution to the problem of shadow IT and creates a unified, secure platform for your company.


Technological superiority in task management


As a comprehensive task and project management tool, cplace combines the ease of use of Trello, the comprehensive features of JIRA and the flexibility of Asana in a single, enterprise-grade solution. It is the ideal choice for companies that want to combine efficiency and flexibility with maximum security and scalability.


Sulzer: Your expert for enterprise task and project management


Implementing a solution as powerful as cplace in your company requires in-depth know-how. Sulzer is at your side with extensive experience and expertise. Our expertise in digital transformations at enterprise level qualifies us as the perfect partner for your company.


Conclusion: cplace as a strategic advantage


In the fast-paced era of digital transformation, cplace is more than just a project and task management tool; it’s a strategic advantage that enables your organization to reach new levels of efficiency while meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.



More to know

Efficient management with cplace: reach your goal four times faster – Sulzer


Transform your project and task management processes and set new standards in your industry. Contact us to learn more about how cplace and Sulzer can help you achieve your goals and maximize your productivity. Contact Robert Daubner now and start your transformation.

Dr. Robert Daubner, Head of Delivery Unit Business Analysis
Dr. Robert Daubner
Head of Delivery Unit Business Analysis