Sulzer Spain welcomes Natalia Trujillo as new branch manager
Sulzer Spain welcomes Natalia Trujillo as new branch manager

Sulzer Spain welcomes Natalia Trujillo as new branch manager

Natalia Trujillo will take over the management of Sulzer's Spanish subsidiary from April 1s, 2024. With extensive experience and fresh ideas, she will bring new impetus to the company.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Natalia Trujillo as the new Head of our Spanish office. Ms. Trujillo has been leading the business in Spain since April 1, 2024 and brings an impressive combination of experience and dedication to her new role. 


Born in Zaragoza and based in Madrid for over a year, Natalia Trujillo has a solid background in economics with a Masters in International Management from Westfield Business School. In her impressive career, she has already made significant contributions in the areas of customer relations and corporate strategy, including as COO at ABAI and as Head of Marketing and Customer Relations at Philip Morris. 


Philipp Nell, the previous head of the Spanish subsidiary, will now devote more of his attention to technological topics, for which he has a great passion. We would like to expressly thank Mr. Nell for his important development work and are delighted that he will continue to contribute his technical skills to the company.


Natalia already feels a strong connection with the values of Sulzer, which she has learned during her discussions with the team. In her new role, she sees a great opportunity to further develop the Sulzer brand in Spain and to foster creative and innovative processes within the “Sulzer family”. “I am honored to be part of this challenge. The flexibility and commitment of our team will allow us to stand out and succeed in a competitive market,” says Ms. Trujillo.


One of her main goals is to create a working environment that promotes close collaboration between our employees in Spain and Germany in order to realize innovative projects together. Natalia is convinced that the combination of our business cultures will lead to a dynamic and productive collaboration. In addition to her professional activities, Natalia is a keen climber and cyclist.


We warmly welcome Natalia and look forward to achieving new successes together.