Startup Management


Ensuring a seamless go-live is one of the key aims of project implementation. The startup manager is responsible for all aspects of go-live and ensures a planned and controlled implementation by working closely with the management of the project.

Startup management is one of the key aspects of successful IT project implementation in the project life cycle. We are regarded as one of the specialists in this field, owing to our many years of in-depth knowledge. Our experts work out the core objectives of successful startup management in detail in projects and support our clients in successfully implementing them throughout the course of the project.

Our IT support here extends across the following areas:

  • Professional coordination of the IT solution with operation (Design for Run)
  • Consideration of compliance and security aspects
  • Planning, coordination and implementation of test cycles
  • Guaranteed rapid and cross-project coordinated product go-live
  • Regulated release of IT systems into operation

The standard approach we have developed ensures that all aspects are promptly taken into account and managed. As a result, we are able to use a main cost driver as the key success factor.

Our Services in Detail

We offer professional support and take responsibility for the entire remit of a startup manager:

    • Planning and monitoring of tasks
    • Implementation of processes (e.g. ITIL/PIC) and organisational structures
    • Coordination and provision of the necessary IT infrastructure
    • Initiation of measures and development of concepts
    • Development of test strategies and execution of tests
    • Detailed development of startup plans and control of go-live
    • Coordination and production of system documentation
    • Planning and implementation of knowledge transfer to service providers
    • Coordination and control of stabilisation phases

                      The strong integration of test and startup management is extremely effective and thus especially lucrative for our clients. The crucial benefit here is often with large and complex projects. Sulzer’s IT expertise extends across all phases of startup management and thus contributes to the success of the project.

                      Planning and Implementation of Processes/Organisation
                      • Incident, problem and change management based on standard operating models
                      • Roles and rights, user access planning
                      • Evaluation of applications in criticality classes
                      • Agreement of Service Level Agreements
                      • Concept development and establishment of system and business process monitoring
                      IT Infrastructure, Concepts and Test Management
                      • Sizing and on-schedule provision of IT infrastructure (including change management)
                      • Maintenance of standard tools for managing, monitoring and control of IT-Infrastructure
                      • Production and detailed development of

                                - Emergency concept and fall-back plan
                                - Back-up and archiving concept
                                - Migration/data clean-up concept and go-live/cut-over plan
                                - Training concepts and knowledge transfer

                      • Development of a test strategy, concept and plan (including test manual)
                      • The execution of code reviews
                      Implementation and Stabilisation
                        • Establishment of decision-making bodies
                        • Continuous measurement of operational maturity
                        • Checking of release planning with regard to dependences on other (sub-)projects
                        • Development of detailed startup plans, test scripts and cut-over plans (including data migration, communication, parallel operation, milestones and quality checks)
                        • Production and guarantee of a staff deployment plan
                        • Realisation and control of the entire product go-live
                        • Agreement and monitoring of stability indicators including business process monitoring using KPIs


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