Business Processes Consulting

Perfecting the interplay of IT and processes

Business processes are the pivot point in all companies, the optimisation of which has a significant impact on the success of the company. On the one hand, the information technology used defines the process workflow, while, on the other hand, a planned Business Processes is dependent on the appropriate technology. Considering both independently is therefore neither sensible nor effective. This is why the effectiveness and efficiency of both components should be regularly checked and adapted if necessary.

Thanks to our long-standing customer relationships, we are extremely conversant with the business processes prevalent in the financial, automotive and telecommunication sectors and with the industry-specific idiosyncrasies. Our consulting process is always designed to ensure that business processes are aligned in an integrated and strategic manner, taking account of the IT systems.

Previously defined company objectives and individual client requirements are clearly considered in the analysis and development of target scenarios. Preliminary, Professional and IT concepts play a key role in this. The results of the analysis are incorporated directly in modelling, simulation and integration of the new and optimised processes. Our IT experts always focus on feasibility and a flexible and pragmatic approach.

Our organisation, which is tailored to our clients’ business processes is the cornerstone for successful process consulting. Our employees are extremely familiar with client processes in their respective business fields and naturally also have broad-based IT knowledge to appropriately map them in projects.

Our Services in Detail
  • Processes tailored to client needs
  • Definition of KPIs (actual and target values)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identification of the potential for improvement in IT systems
  • The creation of a catalogue of measures
  • IT support and consulting for process optimisation
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