Technical & IT Concepts

A vision takes shape

As a full-service provider for process and IT consulting, our services extend from consulting, concept development, implementation, introduction and maintenance to the further development of IT systems.

Based on your ideas and visions, we define precise software requirements and develop tailor-made solutions from them for your company. Innovative and at the same time high-quality: Our IT experts will support you at every phase of a project. The course is set for a successful project right from the outset.


We set specific targets when developing analysis contracts and concepts:

  • The project is given a clearly defined direction
  • All the key questions are clarified
  • Clarity and transparency are assured
  • Intensive client dialogue ensures that everyone is pulling in the same direction
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount

Concepts build on one another. The results are also examined at each phase, compared with results from previous phases and adapted if necessary. Fundamentally we run our projects in close cooperation with our clients to agree results at as early a stage as possible, at the same time as being able to react flexibly and in an agile manner to new client requirements.

Producing professional and IT concepts is imperative in process analysis and implementation. The more sophisticated individual concepts are, the more seamlessly ongoing project phases generally run.


Test Request/Feasibility Study

Sometimes targets are only ideas or visions – we can help you to get them up and running. Together with stakeholders or process owners, we develop clear aims and requirements in workshops or interviews. We analyse existing business processes and put forward different proposals to achieve your targets.

We consider the overall picture to ensure that we can recommend the right solution:

  • Consideration of all risks
  • Inclusion of peripheral conditions
  • Costs and benefits
  • Quality improvement
Preliminary Concept

Your vision comes to life: The preliminary concept provides the direction, possibly for a software project. Then we finalise your targets and requirements jointly with you, analyse their environment in terms of business processes, their system landscape, their professional data model etc. On the basis of this in-depth requirements analysis, we then define possible alternative solutions, evaluate them and recommend the best solution to you. The solution selected by the client is then specified in more detail in the next stage, also including architecture, data model and functional and non-functional requirements.

Throughout the whole processes, we remain in close contact with your stakeholders and specialist departments at all times. This enables us to jointly analyse whether the objectives that have been set can be achieved along the current pathway, based on the results achieved. It also enables us to react flexibly to deviations or changed requirements during the project.

Professional Concept

The professional concept builds on the results of the preliminary concept. The key objective is to arrive at a common understanding about the result of the project. To this end, the professional business processes, functional requirements, use cases, design of the user interface of web and client applications, as well as further information, such as cost-effectiveness, test and training concepts are described in as much detail as possible. The professional concept therefore forms the basis of the IT concept in which the process-based and technical implementation of the requirements is defined.

IT Concept

In the next phase, the production of the IT concept, we continue to develop the existing professional concept systematically and in detail, and the IT technical draft of the software product emerges. An appropriate IT architecture is defined.This is examined from a conceptual and functional point of view and in addition to that from the developer’s perspective if it is individual software.

As the process advances, a data model is produced, in which the data storage concept and the physical data model are described. Other key aspects, such as completion of the interface contracts, error handling and logging, test specification and production of an introductory plan for the system are implemented during this phase.

Authorisations are also defined in the IT concept, and a migration concept for the takeover of the old data as well as an integrated security concept are produced. Considerations relating to testing, operation and maintenance are specified in more detail.

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