New inspiration unleashed through our ideas workshop
New inspiration unleashed through our ideas workshop

New inspiration unleashed through our ideas workshop

Expand your project with creative ideas from the idea workshop. Bring your team together and revolutionize the way you work!

Do you want to take your company or a project to a whole new level? Then an idea workshop is the perfect place to gather new inspiration and develop innovative ideas together with other creative minds. At Sulzer, we guide you through a structured and inspiring process so that your team can take on completely new perspectives – whether it’s about a new product, strategy topics, or simply business impulses.


Our idea workshop not only provides a space for creativity to flourish, but also an opportunity to improve your own idea development skills. Through our workshops and trainings, you will receive valuable tips and tricks that will help you become better. With well-founded methods from user experience research or design thinking as well as experienced moderators, we will guide you through the workshops.


Welcome to the idea workshop…



… a place where innovation, creativity and collaboration take center stage! Here you, your project team, your board of directors or a completely new group of experts can express ideas
freely without fear of rejection or criticism. We design an idea workshop so that all participants feel encouraged to think creatively and come up with ideas that go beyond the ordinary.


Sample process of an ideas workshop


Our best practice template for an idea workshop provides a four-hour framework for a kickoff. After the kickoff and a short warm-up on the topic of the day, the idea development process begins in a group session (depending on the number of participants). For this, our moderators draw on their broad portfolio of methods to gather fresh ideas quickly and efficiently. After the presentation of the results and a prioritization, the ideas are refined and further elaborated.


Advantages of an idea workshop

  • Creative idea development: Through exchange and collaboration in a creative environment, innovative and unexpected ideas often emerge.
  • Broadening of horizons: In an idea workshop, you can broaden your perspective and learn new approaches that you can apply in your everyday work.
  • Shared objective: Working together on an idea or project promotes team spirit and strengthens cooperation within the team.
  • Increasing efficiency: An idea workshop can also help save time and resources by helping to solve problems quickly and effectively.
  • Promoting innovation: By encouraging creative ideas and innovative approaches, an ideas workshop can help create competitive advantages and further develop the company.


Proven innovation management is essential for companies to remain competitive in the future. In this best practice, we present our interlocking, individually designed process.

You would like to know more?

We would be happy to advise you on the design of such a workshop. We look forward to hearing from you.

Holger Schlaps, Research and Development
Holger Schlaps
Research and Development