Project planning in the real world – insights for students
Project planning in the real world – insights for students

Project planning in the real world – insights for students

How does profound planning work? Sulzer GmbH is investigating this question as part of a course at the University of Magdeburg.

Many students, many questions, and a great learning effect at the end – An exciting teaching event recently took place at the Sulzer subsidiary in Magdeburg. As part of the “Practical Module Planning” offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Logistics and Material Flow Technology, at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, we taught the young engineers the most important things about project planning. Sulzer has accompanied this lecture series since 2022.


The course is designed to teach students important skills, such as analytical thinking, teamwork, communication, and presentation. The students have the opportunity to visit various companies in the area to learn about business processes, especially in the area of planning.



The advantage for the students: They gain insight into the specific practical tasks they can expect later in their professional lives. They learn about different planning approaches and tools and can apply their knowledge to real examples. They also establish contacts with potential employers and can get an idea of the working conditions.


The employees of Sulzer GmbH gave the students a concrete planning task, which they had to work on in groups and present at the end of the day. We were very impressed by the quality and relevance of the solutions they came up with. Sulzer regularly participates in this lecture series as a company.


Why do we do this?



We have been involved in this series of events since 2022 and have rekindled an old acquaintance with the responsible teachers. Not only do we see it as our task to accompany young people on the first steps of their career and to impart knowledge to them. At the same time, we hope that this will inspire and recruit potential graduates and working students for our company.


What’s next



Sulzer will continue to expand its cooperation with Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. For example, various guest lectures on our part are planned as part of events, as well as closer cooperation in the area of arranging internships or student trainee positions.