Quantum computers and the integration into SAP
Quantum computers and the integration into SAP

Quantum computers and the integration into SAP

Quantum computing with its properties is already considered a possible game changer. At the Magdeburg Developer Days, we will explain the underlying technology and show how quantum computers can be used for an SAP system.

Quantum computers expand computing efficiency and generate new knowledge in numerous fields. Within a few hours or days, they can solve extremely complex problems that would take conventional computers many years.


Whether simulation, drug production, energy management, material development, optimisation of production and logistics – there are numerous areas of application in which QC is already of interest in parts or one hopes for considerable advantages in the future. It is therefore also highly interesting for industry; at the same time, the need for information on the corporate side is still great.


Session on quantum computing


With the virtual session “Introduction to Quantum computing and an example of technical integration of a Quantum Computer with a SAP System” (3rd September / 5:00 – 6:00 pm), we would like to provide basic insights into the topic as part of the Magdeburg Developer Days.


SAP Solution Architect Philipp Nell, together with co-author Dr Antonio Leites, leads through the informative lecture. First, the most important basic concepts of quantum computers are introduced and the differences between quantum computer types are explained. Afterwards, it is briefly shown how Sulzer can communicate an SAP S/4HANA system with a quantum computer in order to transmit a problem and data from SAP to the QC, have the problem solved there and then be able to continue working with the result in S/4HANA.


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