Sulzer launches software development center in Sofia
Sulzer launches software development center in Sofia

Sulzer launches software development center in Sofia

Sulzer has opened a software development center in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Up to 100 jobs are to be created.

Sulzer GmbH opened a new software development center in the Bulgarian capital Sofia on August 1. Within the next three years, 100 new jobs for highly qualified IT professionals will be created in the country.


The new center is the result of a successful cooperation with our long-term partner Achala IT Solutions Ltd. from India. The branch will operate under the name Achala Sulzer Limited and will offer innovative and cost-efficient IT solutions to our customers.


“Bulgaria offers many advantages, such as a large pool of qualified talent, a progressive corporate culture, and geographical proximity to Germany,” says Sulzer CEO Michael Kraus, explaining the investment. “With the opening of the new office in Sofia, we want to continue our growth in Europe and strengthen our presence in a dynamic and competitive market. We are convinced that with Achala Sulzer Limited, we will be able to offer our customers added value and meet their requirements in terms of quality, safety, and reliability. The goal, together with our long-term partner, is to further expand our shoring capabilities and to be able to offer attractive delivery models from the European region for our customers.”


In addition, the new location in Sofia offers Sulzer GmbH very good development and cooperation opportunities with universities in Bulgaria and in Magdeburg. Sulzer has maintained a branch office in the capital of Saxony-Anhalt since 2016. In addition, there is a close cooperation with the Otto von Guericke University there.


The new office is located in the Evrotur Business Center, close to the Sofia Tech Parc. It has modern premises and a highly qualified staff consisting of local and international experts.
We are proud that with our long-term partner Achala we have thus gained an opportunity to offer near-shore delivery and we are looking forward to further successful cooperation.


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