Supporting a service desk usefully with chatbots
Supporting a service desk usefully with chatbots

Supporting a service desk usefully with chatbots

How do you design and implement a service desk with the help of a chatbot in the digital age? We explored this question for a renowned vehicle and mechanical engineering group and developed a creative solution in the process.

Chatbots – applications that use artificial intelligence to enter into dialogue with people in natural language – are ideal for use in service desks. They can take on simpler requests independently, are available around the clock and process requests quickly. A globally active vehicle manufacturer therefore decided to support its service desk in a meaningful way with the help of a chatbot and turned to Sulzer for the design and implementation.


For this purpose, the possible applications for a chatbot from Inbenta were first worked out and concrete use cases were shown. It was important to clarify how the chatbot basically works, how it has to be configured and how the knowledge base (intents, parameters, actions) is built up. At the same time, the connection and communication with external systems (SRM, live chat) had to be ensured. Technical aspects also had to be taken into account in order to ultimately be able to use the chatbot in support.


The chatbot was designed for the SAP SRM users of the vehicle manufacturer. It was originally intended to relieve the 1st level support for SRM and support users with instructions and assistance in case of queries. In use, the chatbot clearly exceeded these requirements and will in future handle 1st-level support fully automatically and autonomously.


In addition, further SAP transactions are to be carried out via the chatbot in the future. The development of another chatbot instance for the procurement area is also planned.


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Holger Schlaps, Research and Development
Holger Schlaps
Research and Development