Why it is great to become a developer
Why it is great to become a developer

Why it is great to become a developer

For a total of ten years, we have been training young people to become IT specialists for application development. Our trainer Nils gives insights into his everyday life.

An application developer apprenticeship is the first step into a career in software development. In this training, trainees learn how to develop, test and maintain software.

They acquire knowledge in the areas of programming, databases, networks and operating systems. Such an apprenticeship provides a solid foundation for a career in the IT industry and allows apprentices to work in many different areas of software development. At Sulzer, we have been successfully training apprentices for ten years. Here, one of our trainers introduces himself. Nils Lüdeke accompanies our trainees on their way to a professional qualification.


Sulzer: What is particularly important to you during training?

Nils: First, of course, I attach great importance to the learning material so that the trainees can pass their exams. I want to impart the necessary knowledge to the trainees so that they are prepared for their professional life.

Apart from that, it is important to me that the trainees get to know as many areas of software development as possible and learn what tasks the various jobs entail. The goal is that after the training they have an idea of what they like and in which area they would like to and can work.


You are a developer yourself. What excites you personally about your profession?

There are many interesting tasks, industries and new developments that come along every year. How different software works or the software in connection with different devices. For example, how the car communicates with the server, which concepts are used for which reason and how the whole system is structured. As a software developer you can get insights into so many industries and areas, it’s always fascinating.


What is particularly important to you in trainees?

Motivation and interest in the training are particularly important to me. I also pay attention to this in applications. Likewise, a failure should not end in giving up, but in trying again. It’s similar to what some people learn in PC games – no one gives up there either. It is also important to be able to work independently, but I don’t expect this right at the beginning of the training. The transition from school to apprenticeship is a big step and we trainers help with this.


Why should young people choose Sulzer?

We offer apprentices a lot! From day one, Sulzer invests in the apprentices with further training in addition to the classroom. This may include visits to other sites. There are apprentice projects to facilitate the first introduction to new programming languages. And there is a home office arrangement that can even be used for apprentices after the probationary period. Apart from that, we still have many benefits that can be found on our website.


Why does Sulzer train apprentices?

We train apprentices because we want to take them on. Therefore, we have an interest in ensuring that the apprenticeship can be passed and that the necessary knowledge for the later daily work and the job is imparted. And after the apprenticeship, learning continues at Sulzer. Our academy offers every opportunity for further development.


In conclusion, an application developer apprenticeship is the first step towards a successful career in software development. Such an apprenticeship provides a solid foundation for a later career and the opportunity to exchange ideas with and learn from experienced professionals. An apprenticeship is therefore essential in any professional field.


If you have any questions about applying or training, feel free to contact our HR team. You can find more information here.