Rule Interpreter


High-value consumer goods are adapted today during production to individual client requests. Very seldom does one vehicle order resemble another in the premium automotive segment. In this case, rule-based configurators enable the interactive coordination of complex build feasibility rules, sales provisions and client requirements.

They enable individual technical and functional requirements to be met with ease. This applies both to the technical infrastructure to be employed, the techniques and data sources to be used and the range of functions offered.

Our configurators are based on the Sulzer Standard Rule Interpreter. This involves a cross-product, flexible and internationalisable configurator shell. Using the data generation component of the Sulzer Standard Rule Interpreter, the database is appropriately prepared for the configurator and checked for consistency. Multi-level data generation has proven itself here with its corresponding filter possibilities and the option to integrate additional data.

Heterogeneous data from diverse databases can now be used as output data enabling configurators to be used even more flexibly. The requirements placed on contemporary configurators are exacting, hence they have specific properties at their core to meet them and fulfil specific tasks.

Properties and Tasks in Detail
  • Management of the configuration process
  • Modular platform-independent design
  • Client-side and server-side operation
  • Scalable and high performance
  • Use of the product database (OOOKB)
  • Online or offline operation
  • Highly decoupled by means of events and services
  • Step-wise build feasibility check and price calculation
  • Flexible Wizards
  • Profile-definable conflict handling with proposed solutions
  • Exact preview of configuration (plus/minus advance overview)
  • Transformation, time-based and cross-model
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo functions
Data provision by the configurator

A fault-free and complete data supply must be guaranteed for the optimised use of a configurator. That way you can unrestrictedly take advantage of its benefits.

  • Multi-level product data extraction from almost any sources
  • Consideration of additive data (e.g. financial products, marketing texts)
  • Time-based consolidation including parameterisation of the logic
  • Optimised rules
  • Examination of data for completeness
  • Check for reference-based integrity
  • Adjustable conflict handling
  • Powerful filters
  • Support of packages including triggering of package-in-package configurations
  • Adjustable exception reporting
  • Flexible applicable server components
  • Powerful caching mechanisms

Our configurators enable us to offer clients technically proven applications, which can be flexibly adapted to clients’ needs. This results in made-to-measure IT solutions, tailored to your company and your products, which also make the best possible use of existing IT infrastructures.

Our Service Offerings in Detail

Thanks to its extreme adaptability, we can very quickly offer you configurators for client-specifically configurable products based on the Sulzer Standard Rule Interpreter. If you already have data from backend systems, we quickly integrate it so that there is no additional maintenance work on your part.

Rounding off the Rule Interpreter product package, we also offer clients the Vehicle Data Modeler Light (VDML) application that enables configuration data as a whole to be maintained, specifically augmented and dynamically checked.

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